How Have People Changed Since High School?

For some of us, high school was a long time ago. Do you ever get curious about old friends that you haven't seen in 10, 20, or even 30 years? High school reunions sound like fun to some people, but a major drag to others. If you are curious about old friends, and wonder how they have changed, here are a few ways.

They Have Matured

Your old friends have matured a little

Most, but certainly not all, of your high school classmates will have "grown up" a little since graduation. That annoying boy that used to flirt with you by pulling your hair or calling you names is now probably married. The loser you heard about that stayed living in his parent's basement while everyone else went off to college, may still be there, but probably has a job (or did before the recession). The core personality of most people remains unchanged, but their situations have all caused them to change in some way. Most people need to take personal responsibility and get jobs, making them more responsible than you could have imagined in high school.

They Have Probably Gained Weight

Your old friends have probably packed on a few

Its no doubt that time has a way of packing on the pounds. Some of your old skinny friends may be hefty by the time you see them at a reunion. That 110-pound hottie all the boys drooled over has also probably put on weight like everyone else. Typically, people gain 10% more body weight for every 5 years out of high school. There will be those that actually lost some of that baby fat, gained confidence, or found a way to stay in shape. It may be more surprising to see the once unsure fat kid now a trim and confidant adult than the skinny girl 20 pounds heavier. Weight fluctuates, so at every reunion people will be looking differently.

They Are Likely Making Babies

They might even have reproduced!

It's a good chance that with every reunion, more of your friends will have kids, and grandkids. This accounts for some of the weight gain and most of the maturing for the guys. Nothing changes someone's life more than having children, and some of those slackers have probably turned in to great parents. When you see your old friends with newborns or toddlers, they may have put on some weight and have bags under their eyes. By the next reunion, they will have gotten some sleep.

They Have Real Jobs

They hopefully have real jobs!

In high school, we are all forced to meet with career counselors, pick a college, and choose our futures, but how many of us actually stick to it? Some of your classmates that knew what they wanted to be- like doctors or teachers- probably became them. Most of us, however, had no idea what we wanted to be and may still be searching. Don't be surprised if careers changed or people gave up on their dreams. I'm sure we all knew at least one person that wanted to make it big in music or acting and never focused on their other studies. They may have toned down the dream, gotten a day job, and settled for practicing their art with friends. Some unsuspecting characters may now be their own boss and own successful businesses. It may be a shock to discover that the kid that had so much trouble paying attention and listening in class, and even failed a few classes, has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur. People that never fit in the box, probably still don't.

They Might Still Party (or maybe not)

They Still Party Hard!

Most people grow out of their partying phase after college, but some never do. Then again, some people were too prudish or their parents were too strict to allow partying in high school and they may now be party animals. Partying tends to be a phase for most people, so anyone you haven't seen in 10 or 20 years most likely doesn't party like they did when they were 17 or 21. Those people that used to drink vodka during school lunches and haven't stopped yet, you probably won't see at a reunion anyway. Generally, the only people that attend reunions are those that are happy with what they are doing, want to see the changes in their old friends, and are interested in their current lives. Of course, some people with substance abuse problems may not realize it's a problem. Some of the popular party animals may now be happy parents, degenerates, or totally normal. You just never know.