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Classfinders.com is a unique people search engine that allows users to earch over 13,000,000 high school alumni profiles from various high school alumni related websites. Millions of users create alumni profiles to keep in contact with old friends. Now you can search them quickly and easily to find exactly who you are looking for. We are constantly adding to and tweaking our search algorithm to provide the most relevant results.

Why Should I Use Classfinders.com?
You should use the Classfinders.com search service if you simply want to find an old friend. Most people have entered a profile on some alumni site and we think this is a very relevant and unique way to find someone. First, it allows you to find someone quickly, Second, his or her alumni profile will usually have contact information that will help you get in touch! We feel this is a unique search experience and one that will provide our users with quality results.

How Does Classfinders.com Find Its Data?
Classfinders.com makes use of available API's(Application Program Interfaces) that return results from a web site based on certain search criteria.

Can I Remove My Name From Classfinders.com?
Yes, you can use the following name removal form.

Why Is There A Directory Of Names?
The People Directory is used to browse names from a specific city/state or high school. In the case you don't know the name of the person you are looking for or are simply just browsing names you to refresh your memory. The People Directory is made up of names that we know exist on other alumni sites. The Search utility is for you to quickly find these names as well as others we may not have listed in the People Directory.

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