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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Shilah AllmanWilliamstown High School
Linda AltmannWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1967
Marcos AlverazWilliamstown High School
Frank AncelloWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1984
Mike BauerWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1986
Bobby BellWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1989
Shawn BradfieldWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1989
Shaun BromleyWilliamstown High School
Jimmy BrookoverWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1981
Karen BrookoverWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Amanda BrooksWilliamstown High School
Anthony BrooksWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2009
Chris BuchananWilliamstown High School
Matt BuckleyWilliamstown High School
William BuckleyWilliamstown High School
Larry BurdetteWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1964
Judith BurgeWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1964
Maureen BusundWilliamstown High School
Joe CanonicaWilliamstown High School
Melissa CaposoleWilliamstown High School
Mat CastoWilliamstown High School
Michelle ConoverWilliamstown High School
Kerri ConradWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1987
Karen CowanWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 1979
Jim CunninghamWilliamstown High School
Marvel CunninghamWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1975
Amy CurfmanWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2002
Julie CurkendallWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1990
Lana DamicoWilliamstown High School
Josue DejesusWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2001
Elizabeth DellamoWilliamstown High School
Portia DixonWilliamstown High School
Jenny DobbinsWilliamstown High School
William DomsWilliamstown High School
Samantha DuelleyWilliamstown High School
Ashley DunnWood County Christian SchoolClass of 2006
Brandon EmerickWilliamstown High School
Lauren ErtleWilliamstown High School
Whitehead EugeneWilliamstown High School
Leah FalanceWilliamstown High School
Pam FarleyWilliamstown High School
Bruce FarnsworthWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Wendy FarrWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2007
Donna FeatherstoneWilliamstown High School
Richard FemiaWilliamstown High School
Lisa FerrellWood County Christian School
Grant FicsherWilliamstown High School
Stacy FitchWilliamstown High School
Alexia FitroWilliamstown High School
Alexia FittroWilliamstown High School
Carl FlemingWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1959
Donald FlemingWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1955
Lynn FlowersWilliamstown High School
Michael FlowersWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1970
Sarah FowlerWilliamstown High School
Pete FranwrithWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1987
Melody GallionWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1980
Amy GithensWilliamstown High School
Tiffany GoreWilliamstown High School
William GrahamWilliamstown High School
Jazmin GravesWilliamstown High School
Rebecca GravesWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1970
Jon GreenWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1983
Kimberly GreenWilliamstown High School
Lori GriffithWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1981
Nicole GriffithWilliamstown High School
Jenny HallWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1988
Anthony HarrisWilliamstown High School
Jennifer HayesWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1983
Kelly HaynesWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2011
Bernadette HebertWilliamstown High School
Kim HederickWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1981
Steve HeschtWilliamstown High School
Brandy HinesWilliamstown High School
Geoff HostetlerWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 1980
Courtney HoursWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 2002
Karen HuneWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1965
Laurel JoyWilliamstown High School
Brian KeiserWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1981
Peggy KigerWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1988
Tracy KingeryWilliamstown High School
Dawn KirbyWilliamstown High School
Kevin KrugerWilliamstown High School
Rodney LaneWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1986
Mark LapalamentoWilliamstown High School
John LaschWilliamstown High School
April LathropWilliamstown High School
Brian LemonWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1987
Jennifer MagargleWood County Christian SchoolClass of 2000
Michael MaloneWilliamstown High School
Amanda MandeiseWilliamstown High School
Patricia MarshallWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1960
Patty MarshallWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1967
Lisa MathenyWilliamstown High School
Lacey MattheyWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2003
Brittany McgavierWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2004
Sharon McintoshWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1960
Sean McIntyreWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1990
Michelle MclainWilliamstown High School
Tracy McphersonWilliamstown High School
Ivana MieoneWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2012
Jason MincksWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1999
Brooke MontgomeryWilliamstown High School
Lisa MooreWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 1978
Lyle MooreWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1971
Mike MortonWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1960
First NameWilliamstown High School
Paul NardoneWilliamstown High School
Julie NealWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1975
Andy NewhartWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 2011
April NicleyWilliamstown High School
Debbie NolanWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1972
Jay OffburgherWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1987
Diane OremWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1968
Rodney OremWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1973
Courtney OursWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 2002
Barbara OwensWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1971
Stacy PascalWilliamstown High School
Jennifer PhillipsWilliamstown High School
Terrance PhillipsWilliamstown High School
Jeanetta PiattWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1960
Verdeana PrestonWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1965
Pauline PringleWilliamstown High School
Cassandra QuickWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1983
Dakota QuinnWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2008
Lori RegalWilliamstown High School
Steven RichardsWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1971
Kelly RichardsonWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1999
Lelie RiffleWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1994
Anita RobertsWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Ann RobertsWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Virginia RobertsWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Stephanie RootWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1979
Christopher RyanWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1993
Jackie SatefieldWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1968
Sammie SayreWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Tammy SchillingWilliamstown High School
Amy SchulmanWilliamstown High School
Amyulman SchulmanWilliamstown High School
Andrew SchwaigerWilliamstown High School
Terry SchweitzerWilliamstown High School
Sean SharkeyWilliamstown High School
Steve ShingletonWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1979
Erlaine ShookWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1972
Mark ShriverWilliamstown High School
Patty ShriverWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1966
Fred SidellWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1952
Teresa SlodyWilliamstown High School
Jeff SmithWilliamstown High School
Patricia SmithWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1974
Randy SnyderWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1978
Krystal SouderWilliamstown High School
Rebecca StanleyWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1994
Taylor StithWilliamstown High School
Laura StoopsWilliamstown High School
Reginald StrongWilliamstown High School
Sherrye StuberWilliamstown High School
James SturmWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1965
Greg SwisherWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1988
Angela TiceWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1993
Jen TorcasioWilliamstown High School
Shelda TorresWilliamstown Christian SchoolClass of 1978
Diane UnknownWilliamstown High School
Jason WadeWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1993
Donald WardWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1973
Toni WeaverWilliamstown High School
Gayle WestWilliamstown High School
Dave WhiteWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1991
David WhiteWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1991
Justin WhiteWilliamstown High School
Elaine WhitecottenWilliamstown High School
Greg WigginsWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1986
Gregory WigginsWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1986
Michelle WigginsWilliamstown High School
Britney WilliamsWilliamstown High School
Nicole WilliamsWilliamstown High School
Aaron WilliamsonWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2007
Gail WilliamsonWilliamstown High School
Tanya WolfeWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1991
Terry YoungWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 1973
Timothy ZetterburdWilliamstown High SchoolClass of 2002

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Approximately 200 of residents in Williamstown (7%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Williamstown residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.