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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Ray AllenPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1963
Patrick BennettPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2000
Rexroad BennyPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1963
Melanie BiesczadPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1976
Frank BolyardPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1952
Shelby BonettPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1964
Bill BowersPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1968
Thomas BowersPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1962
Leon BulloughPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1944
Shelley BurchPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1976
Roger CampbellPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1970
Alisa CharnoploskyPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1995
Rindi ChidesterPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2003
Steve CollierPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1975
Anthony ColtlliPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1953
Betty CoxPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1972
Tyra DavisPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1988
Melinda DongPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2005
Gene DottellisPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1961
Michelle DupreePhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1982
Robert EisenhauerPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1952
Karen FryePhilippi High School
Beverly FullerPhilip Barbour Complex
Anna FunkPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1962
Gene FurbeeBarbour County Alternative SchoolClass of 1957
Nina GalusykPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1987
Mary GodwinPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1956
Melanie GordonPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2003
Thomas HawkinsPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1960
Joanna HipplePhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1982
Dustynn HollenPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2005
Ed JackPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1960
Leroy JacksonPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1963
Charlene KelleyPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1967
Marilyn KovachPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1963
Christina MadingerPhilippi High SchoolClass of 2005
EldaJean MarksPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1967
Jim MarksPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1957
Frank MatkoPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1943
Betty MaxsonPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1951
Stephen MaxsonPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1961
Kevin McgeePhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2007
Kevin MegeePhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2007
Michael MitchellPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2007
Patritca MitchellPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1968
Delores MoatsPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1956
Josh MorrisPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2009
Janet MorrisonPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1960
Drew MulPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1995
Amanda NestorPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1998
Jon NeyensPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1968
Roger NoellPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1961
Brittney PitzerPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2007
Jerry PolingPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1972
Steven PompPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1968
Steven PompPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1968
Lucas PrittPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2007
Willard QuallsPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1958
Heather RainsPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2007
Brenda ReedPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1975
Brenda ReedPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1975
Matthew RigglemanPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 2009
Michael RighmanPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1968
Woodrow SeamonePhilippi High School
Evelyn SmithPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1960
Gary SniderPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1960
Lloyd SpitlerPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1955
Cindy StreetsPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1989
Traci StreetsPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1984
Judy TamulitusPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1962
David TaylorPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1962
Ron ThrasherPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1975
Ron ThrasjPhilip Barbour ComplexClass of 1975
Penny WilmouthPhilippi High School
Penny WilmuthPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1988
Barbara WilsonPhilippi High SchoolClass of 1962
Barbara WolfePhilippi High SchoolClass of 1962

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Approximately 300 of residents in Philippi (11%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Philippi residents (7%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.