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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Barbara AmmonsClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1978
Barbara AmmonsClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1978
Travis AndersonClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2010
Duane AyresClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1997
Benny BairClay-Battelle High School
Jeanie BarrClay-Battelle High School
Penny BartoClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1980
Kim BeachClay-Battelle High School
Eddy BiazeClay-Battelle High School
Jenny BirchClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2005
Dottie BraggClay-Battelle High School
Sammie BroadwaterClay-Battelle High School
Heather BrookoverClay-Battelle High School
Erin ButcherClay-Battelle High School
Heather ClineClay-Battelle High School
Traci ColeClay Battelle High School
Melissa CopelandClay-Battelle High School
Robert CopelandClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1972
Robert CopelandClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1972
David CottrellClay-Battelle High School
Robbie CrouchClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2009
Angela EddyClay-Battelle High School
Darrell EddyClay-Battelle High School
Melody EddyClay-Battelle High School
Maryanne EstelClay-Battelle High School
William EvansClay Battelle Jr Sr High SchoolClass of 1964
Bonnie FoxClay-Battelle High School
Renee GambleClay-Battelle High School
Glenn GrahamClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1926
Darren HainesClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1983
Ronald HallClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1965
Brenda HallettClay-Battelle High School
Nathan HaughtClay-Battelle High School
Hether HaysClay-Battelle High School
Roger HennenClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1964
Charles HibbsClay-Battelle High School
Emily HiggsClay-Battelle High School
Terry HolmesClay-Battelle High School
Krissy HowardClay-Battelle High School
Misty JefforyClay-Battelle High School
Theresa JohnsonClay-Battelle High School
Eulalia KennedyClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1926
Mary KigerClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1975
Anthony KingClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2005
Melody KingClay-Battelle High School
Timothy KnechtelClay-Battelle High School
Robert KuhnClay-Battelle High School
Kristopher LashClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2007
Alivn LawsonClay-Battelle High School
Brandy LawsonClay-Battelle High School
Rachel LawsonClay-Battelle High School
Makenzie ListonClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2006
Barry MartinoClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1985
Caitlyn MatteoClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2012
Becki MccartneyClay-Battelle High School
Kristina MccordClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2003
Timothy MccormickClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2001
Becca McGeeClay-Battelle High School
Sheena McvikerClay Battelle High School
Eric MichaelClay-Battelle High School
Jackie MillerClay-Battelle High School
Reagan MooreClay-Battelle High School
Jeannie OwensClay Battelle Jr Sr High SchoolClass of 1978
Laura PettitClay Battelle Jr Sr High School
Lori PettitClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2000
April PhillipsClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1999
William PierceClay Battelle High School
William PierceClay-Battelle High School
Matthew PlumClay-Battelle High School
Erica PolingClay-Battelle High School
Minnie PriceClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1971
Ron RettonClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1973
Donald RobinsonClay-Battelle High School
Angelia RogersClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1994
Denita RushClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1975
April SagoClay-Battelle High School
Todd ShultzClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1990
Spencer SigleyClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2010
Bobbie SineClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1988
Michele SpitznogleClay-Battelle High School
Jeff StewartClay Battelle Jr Sr High School
Michael StewartClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1990
Robert StilesClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1956
Erica SuttonClay-Battelle High School
Jodi SwisherClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1988
Joseph TateClay-Battelle High School
Joseph TatesClay-Battelle High School
Amanda TennantClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2007
Kevin TennantClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 2005
Kevin TennantClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2005
Ricky TennantClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1997
Roberta TennantClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1973
Danny TenneyClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1972
Wade ToothmanClay Battelle High SchoolClass of 1996
Derek TownsClay-Battelle High School
Judy TurnerClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2008
Glen VarnerClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1985
Allen WadeClay-Battelle High School
Deb WadeClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1968
Jody WallsClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1986
Colby WatsonClay-Battelle High School
Melisa WebberClay-Battelle High School
Alyssa WhiteClay-Battelle High School
Joe WhiteClay-Battelle High School
Lisa WhiteClay-Battelle High School
Jamie WilliamsClay-Battelle High School
Toby WilliamsClay-Battelle High School
Jimmy WillisonClay Battelle High School
Christopher WilsonClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 2008
Jerry WilsonClay-Battelle High SchoolClass of 1965
Robert WolfeClay-Battelle High School

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The listing of alumni from Blacksville, WV includes over 110 graduates from 3 schools. To filter results, select a Blacksville, WV high school using the links to the right. The Blacksville alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Blacksville around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Pentress, WV, Wadestown, WV, or Fairview, WV.

Approximately 0 of residents in Blacksville (10%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Blacksville residents (3%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.