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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Robin AblesRockport Fulton High School
Juan AbregoRockport Fulton High School
Bill AdamsRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1978
Julie AdamsRockport Fulton High School
Justin AlemanRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2008
Kendra AmasonAransas County High School
Raymond AppelRockport-fulton High School
Kathryn BalderreeRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1994
Daniel BalentineRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2003
Kelsey BalentineRockport Fulton High School
Rebekah BallouRockport-fulton High School
Barbara BarnardRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1961
Adam BarreraRockport Fulton High School
Martin BarreraRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1988
Victoria BarreraRockport-fulton High School
Laurie BarrettRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1994
Bonnie BatemanRockport Fulton High School
Bruce BeattieRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1979
Clara BelcherRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1992
Robbie BellRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1974
Mike BerryRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1985
Ariana BertelRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2004
Gary BillingsRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1979
Mary BlackwellRockport-fulton High School
Nanci BlankenshipRockport Fulton High School
Stephannie BoumansRockport Fulton High School
Donajo BrookesRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1973
Robert BrooksAransas County High SchoolClass of 1971
Robert BrooksRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2004
Calvin BurkeRockport Fulton High School
Roseann CabinessAransas County High SchoolClass of 1967
Christina CarneyRockport Fulton High School
Christina CarneyRockport-fulton High School
Chimmy ChangrattanaRockport Fulton High School
Richard ChapmanRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2013
Brewster ClarkRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2008
Katrinka CootsAransas County High SchoolClass of 1995
Adrianne CoronadoRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1997
Carissa CrabtreeRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2001
Jessica DefelielRockport Fulton High School
Sherry DemoryRockport-fulton High School
Frankie DoddRockport-fulton High School
Johnny DonahoRockport Fulton High School
Mary DresselRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1972
James ElderRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1959
William EvansRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2002
Esmeralda FernandezRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2004
Jimmie FieldingRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2003
Kendra FieldsAransas County High SchoolClass of 1991
Pat FitzpatrickRockport Fulton High School
Henrietta FloresAransas County High SchoolClass of 1981
Regina FloresRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1986
Connie ForceRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1983
Justin ForemanRockport Fulton High School
Joe FreebornRockport-fulton High School
Daniel FregiaLighthouse Christian School
Jacob GaitanRockport Fulton High School
Gasper GarciaRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1977
Marci GarciaRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1997
Teresa GarciaRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1977
David GarlockRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1985
Beatrice GarzaRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1952
Priscilda GarzaRockport-fulton High School
Candace GilletteRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1996
Savannah GlowkaRockport-fulton High School
Tobin GoodlockRockport-fulton High School
Toby GoodlockRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1997
Nancy GorhamRockport Fulton High School
Charlotte GreenRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1980
Mistie HaleRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1994
Bert HaneyRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1946
Brittney HanlineRockport-fulton High School
Ashton HernandezRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2004
Felecia HernandezRockport-fulton High School
Gail HillRockport Fulton High School
Anna HudmanRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1975
James HuffRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1983
Melissa HunterAransas County High SchoolClass of 1986
Jenna IvanaskiRockport Fulton High School
Mary JacksonAransas County High SchoolClass of 1960
June JacobsRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1972
Christopher JanssenRockport-fulton High School
Jay JohnsonRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1999
April KhanRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2000
Betty KimRockport-fulton High School
Jennifer KingRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2001
Johnathan KissRockport-fulton High School
Jonathan KissRockport-fulton High School
Gary KleypasRockport Fulton High School
Jon KowallRockport-fulton High School
Daniel KratavilRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2005
John KuehnRockport-fulton High School
Wray LanningRockport Fulton High School
Ot LeRockport-fulton High School
Carlos LealRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2010
Stacy LealRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2001
Maxine LeetAransas County High School
Curtis LewisRockport-fulton High School
George LewisRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1976
Ellenor LottRockport-fulton High School
Zach LuceRockport Fulton High School
Jennifer MaduenaRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2010
Oscar MartinezRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1985
Carla MayfieldRockport Fulton High School
Heather McbridgeRockport-fulton High School
Jessica McclureRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2012
Patrick McGowenRockport-fulton High School
Johnna McmahonRockport Fulton High School
Windaham MegganRockport-fulton High School
John MillerRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1999
Bobby MooreRockport Fulton High School
Bill MorganRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1970
Christy MosesRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1990
Laura MurphyRockport-fulton High School
Peggi MurrayRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1983
George NavaRockport-fulton High School
Vu NgRockport-fulton High School
Hailey NgnoRockport Fulton High School
Sally NguyenRockport-fulton High School
Tam NguyenRockport Fulton High School
Marie NorthoverRockport Fulton High School
Marie NorthoverRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1985
Julio NunezRockport-fulton High School
Elroy ParrRockport-fulton High School
Maryalice PenaRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1978
Michelle PenaRockport Fulton High School
Vincent PenaRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2012
Tien PhamRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2004
Stephinie PicarizieRockport Fulton High School
Sarah PinaRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2000
Heather RamponiRockport-fulton High School
Fidel ReomRockport Fulton High School
Jessica RodriguezRockport-fulton High School
Mandi RodriguezRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2002
Keith RoequetteAransas County High School
Stacey RomeroRockport Fulton High School
Stacey RomeroRockport-fulton High School
Stacey RomerpRockport Fulton High School
Essie RouquetteAransas County High SchoolClass of 1967
Nelda SalazarRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1981
Ricardo SalazarRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2002
Jimmy SaldivarRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2000
Cassandra SanchezRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2012
Shonda SantiniRockport Fulton High School
Jon SantosRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1989
Anna SchexniderRockport Fulton High School
Alan ScholzRockport Fulton High School
Jacob ScottRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2001
William ScottRockport-fulton High School
Tamara SelbyRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1987
Greg ShellenbergarRockport Fulton High School
Jeffrey ShellenbergarRockport Fulton High School
Scott ShellenbergarRockport Fulton High School
Shelly SheltonRockport Fulton High School
Andrea ShettersRockport-fulton High School
Benny ShugartAransas County High SchoolClass of 2002
Brittney SiminRockport-fulton High School
Sean SimonRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2002
Chelsea SmithRockport Fulton High School
Mandy SolisRockport-fulton High School
Jay SpiveyRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2002
Vicky StaffordRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1979
Victoria StaffordRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1979
Chantel StilesRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2008
Dakota StinsonRockport-fulton High School
Robert StrooAransas County High SchoolClass of 1969
Adam SullivanRockport-fulton High School
Michael ThRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2012
Nancy TranRockport-fulton High School
Felicia TrevinoRockport Fulton High School
Christina TrujilloRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2007
David TuckerRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1997
Santiago ValdezRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1982
Victor ValenzuelaRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 2007
Olivia VeldzRockport-fulton High School
Veronika VerikovaRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1997
Dwayne WallsRockport-fulton High School
Tressa WallsRockport-fulton High School
Kevin WaltersRockport Fulton High School
Jay WanzerRockport Fulton High School
James WarrachRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1997
Juanita WaymanRockport-fulton High School
Gloria WeberRockport-fulton High School
Marisa WellsRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1998
Nicole WellsRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2005
Shawn WendellRockport-fulton High School
Joan WhalenRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1974
Beverly WhiteRockport Fulton High SchoolClass of 1978
David WilliamsRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 1981
Dorthy WilliamsRockport-fulton High School
Mike WilliamsRockport Fulton High School
Justin WilsonRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2005
Nathan WilsonRockport Fulton High School
Aaron WindhamRockport-fulton High SchoolClass of 2004
Megan WindhamRockport Fulton High School
Jeff WoodmanRockport Fulton High School
Daphney YardleyRockport-fulton High School
Aaron ZunigaRockport Fulton High School

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Approximately 500 of residents in Rockport (6%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Rockport residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.