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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Kelly AinsworthAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1992
Ashley AlldayAtlanta High School
Daniel AllenAtlanta High School
Faye AndersonAtlanta High School
Kate BakerAtlanta High School
Wanda BakerAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1969
Brandon BarringtonAtlanta High School
Jane BeaverAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1971
Rickie BirminghamAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1974
Vanity BitAtlanta High School
Elizabeth BlalockAtlanta High School
Kimberly BlaylockAtlanta High School
Gary BogusAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Charisse BolchAtlanta High School
Mark BradleyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1993
Amanda BrownAtlanta High School
James BrownAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2012
Leonard BufordAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1973
John BurbaAtlanta High School
Rachel ButlerAtlanta High School
Jeffrey ButramAtlanta High School
Jennifer ButramAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1993
Chris CampbellAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2000
Evalora CampbellAtlanta High School
Latrasia CampbellAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1988
Stephanie CarneyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1987
James CarpenterAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1984
Tia CarpenterAtlanta High School
Hailey CarrAtlanta High School
Crystal CarterAtlanta High School
Sandra CarterAtlanta High School
Gina CaseAtlanta High School
Juanda CaterAtlanta High School
Elizabeth ChaneyAtlanta High School
Enrico ChildsAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2004
Chad ClementsAtlanta High School
Lynn CollinsAtlanta High School
Kelly ComenAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1989
Cache ConatsterAtlanta High School
Christopher CookAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2006
Kevin CookAtlanta High School
Kin CopenhaverAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1983
Chuck CossAtlanta High School
Lindsie CoxAtlanta High School
Shani CoxAtlanta High School
Lori CulpepperAtlanta High School
Misty CunninghamAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2005
Welch DanielAtlanta High School
David DanonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2009
Geno DavisAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1993
Hollis DavisAtlanta High School
Holls DavisAtlanta High School
Justin DavisAtlanta High School
Terri DavisAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1992
Kennh DeanAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1992
Ellen DegeneeresAtlanta High School
Ellen DegeneresAtlanta High School
Ellen DegenerousAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Ellen DegennertAtlanta High School
Marilyn DellAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1968
Donny DennisAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1960
Everett DickersonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1993
Terri DriskellAtlanta High School
Quilance EvansAtlanta High School
Carrie FantAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1988
Criag FantAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1988
Christa FergusonAtlanta High School
Sarah FollieAtlanta High School
Glory FrazierAtlanta High School
Kenneth FryAtlanta High School
Tonya GatewoodAtlanta High School
Steven GrandersonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1993
Crissa GriffinAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1996
Reagan GriffinAtlanta High School
Keith HaileyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1989
Marrisa HarringtonAtlanta High School
Melton HatleyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1986
Timothy HavardAtlanta High School
Michael HazelAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1971
Kanisha HeardAtlanta High School
Haley HefleyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2009
Hayley HefleyAtlanta High School
Don HenleyAtlanta High School
Courtney HicksAtlanta High School
Ulrick HillmonAtlanta High School
Randy HowingtonAtlanta High School
Curtis JacksonAtlanta High School
Don JacksonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1973
Jamal JamesAtlanta High School
Adam JohnsonAtlanta High School
Brigette JohnsonAtlanta High School
Charles JohnsonAtlanta High School
Evalora JohnsonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1967
Jerry JohnsonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Sean JonesAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2005
Peggy JustinAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1966
Scarlett KingAtlanta High School
Laurence LadukeAtlanta High School
Will LadukeAtlanta High School
Jametta LewisAtlanta High School
Devin LockheartAtlanta High School
Tammy LoganAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1995
Jolene LoncharAtlanta High School
Celestine LoveAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1982
Rebbeca ManleyAtlanta High School
Erma MartinAtlanta High School
Mary MathewsAtlanta High School
Brandy MaxwellAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2002
Emily MaysAtlanta High School
Debbie McAlexanderAtlanta High School
Jody MccauleyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1970
Jihad McCoggleAtlanta High School
Aaron MckinneyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1996
Vickie MickensAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Roy MitchellAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Lance MorganAtlanta High School
Ashlee MorrisAtlanta High School
Jathean NealAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1996
Barbara NelsonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1961
Latricia OliverAtlanta High School
Dan OrtizAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1991
Daniel OrtizAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1992
Carnell OtisAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Dave OxfordAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1972
Allen ParkmanAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1990
Jennifer ParkmanAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1987
Travis PatrickAtlanta High School
Kim PenningerAtlanta High School
Chastiny PetersAtlanta High School
Windland PetersAtlanta High School
Trevelyn PhillipsAtlanta High School
Amanda PorterAtlanta High School
Jared PutnamAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2000
Lynne PyleAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1972
Lindy RaileyAtlanta High School
Lakisha ReevesAtlanta High School
William RichardsAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1959
April RichardsonAtlanta High School
Mark RoachellAtlanta High School
Tempest RobersonAtlanta High School
Gail RobertsAtlanta High School
Allan RochellAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1982
LaTerence RoweAtlanta High School
Terry RoweAtlanta High School
Emily RutherfordAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1997
Cathy SandersAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1968
Jeryl SasserAtlanta High School
Mitch SavageAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1994
Karen SchuhmannAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1981
Brandon ShaverAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2005
Brandt SheffieldAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2000
Andrea SheltonAtlanta High School
Andrea ShermanAtlanta High School
Ashley ShewAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2011
Ryan SimmonsAtlanta High School
Franklin SmithAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1976
Glenda SmithAtlanta High School
Jeannie SmithAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1971
Nick SpAtlanta High School
Sandra StanleyAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1974
Amy StewartAtlanta High School
Jennifer StewartAtlanta High School
Larry StewartAtlanta High School
Nick StewartAtlanta High School
Conswaya SuttonAtlanta High School
Demarcus TaveAtlanta High School
Keshia TerrellAtlanta High School
Joshusha TerryAtlanta High School
Melissa TerryAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2000
Chaquita ThomasAtlanta High School
Chiquita ThomasAtlanta High School
Sharrod ThomasAtlanta High School
Chiquita ThrashAtlanta High School
Chastity TimsAtlanta High School
Angela TomlinAtlanta High School
Kristen TompsonAtlanta High School
Jonathan ToneyAtlanta High School
Willena TuckerAtlanta High School
Domonique TumblinAtlanta High School
Melissa TysonAtlanta High School
Arturo UrbinaAtlanta High School
Glenda WallAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1971
Joe WarrenAtlanta High SchoolClass of 1954
Justin WarrenAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2012
Matt WatkinsAtlanta High School
Troy WatsonAtlanta High School
Turecheva WebsterAtlanta High School
Daniel WelchAtlanta High School
Marco WestonAtlanta High School
April WilkinsAtlanta High School
Ashley WilsonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2000
Casey WilsonAtlanta High SchoolClass of 2008
Dianne WimberlyAtlanta High School
Larry WinchesterAtlanta High School
Neta WinkleyAtlanta High School
Cory YoungAtlanta High School
Josh YoungAtlanta High School

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Approximately 400 of residents in Atlanta (7%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Atlanta residents (3%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.