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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Kristen BaileySummertown High SchoolClass of 2007
Morgan BaileySummertown High School
Trinity BaileySummertown High School
Breeanna BeardenSummertown High SchoolClass of 2009
Cory BeardonSummertown High School
Greg BedsworthSummertown High SchoolClass of 2004
Carl BelewSummertown High School
Lisa BenefieldSummertown High School
Annie BishopSummertown High SchoolClass of 1947
Ricky BishopSummertown High School
Bee BlakeSummertown High School
Kristin BoydSummertown High School
Dennis BradburnSummertown High SchoolClass of 1972
Dennis BrannonFarm SchoolClass of 1983
Ashley BrewerSummertown High SchoolClass of 2008
Melvin BrewerSummertown High SchoolClass of 1988
Sandra BrianSummertown High SchoolClass of 1978
Larry BrownSummertown High SchoolClass of 2011
Kerry BuSummertown High SchoolClass of 2005
Arron BurdetteSummertown High SchoolClass of 1995
Dan CaltonSummertown High SchoolClass of 1980
Landon CalvertSummertown High SchoolClass of 2004
Kildare CanelonSummertown High School
Aleaha ChapmanSummertown High SchoolClass of 2013
Erin ClantonSummertown High School
Judy ClaytonSummertown High SchoolClass of 1967
Linda CockrellSummertown High SchoolClass of 1968
Kelly CooperSummertown High School
Billie CorterSummertown High School
Whitney CummingsSummertown High School
Jamie CurtisSummertown High SchoolClass of 1983
Sarah CurtisSummertown High SchoolClass of 2003
Stan CurtisSummertown High SchoolClass of 1982
Patty DavisSummertown High School
Shelia DickeySummertown High SchoolClass of 1975
Fraancis DucrestSummertown High School
Norman DyeSummertown High SchoolClass of 1984
Kristen EmmittSummertown High School
Crystal FleemanSummertown High School
Calan FordSummertown High SchoolClass of 2007
Vanessa GarlandSummertown High School
Hobert GilliamSummertown High SchoolClass of 1960
Howard GoodeSummertown High SchoolClass of 1953
Shannon GraySummertown High School
Peter GriffinSummertown High School
Jessica HallmarkSummertown High SchoolClass of 2011
Josh HamiltonSummertown High School
Charles HannahSummertown High School
Robby HannahSummertown High School
Barbara HaymonSummertown High SchoolClass of 1974
Norman HensleySummertown High SchoolClass of 1951
David HillSummertown High School
Romey HinajosaSummertown High School
Bret HoldenSummertown High SchoolClass of 2004
Paige HoldenSummertown High School
Fred HollowaySummertown High SchoolClass of 1973
Sue HorneSummertown High SchoolClass of 1950
Tabitha HowellSummertown High School
George HrndrixSummertown High SchoolClass of 1981
Scotty HullSummertown High SchoolClass of 1998
Scott HuntFarm School
Tina IrelanSummertown High School
Jasmine IsabellSummertown High School
David JacksonSummertown High SchoolClass of 1975
Shawn JefferiesSummertown High School
Kendal JohnsonSummertown High School
Jerry JourneySummertown High SchoolClass of 1950
Summer KavaraSummertown High School
Timothy KeetonSummertown High School
Pam KellySummertown High School
Carol LemaySummertown High School
Randal LoydSummertown High SchoolClass of 1995
Ashey MabrySummertown High School
Jimmy MasonSummertown High School
Justin McCalebSummertown High School
Jill McCordSummertown High School
Justin MccordSummertown High School
Kayla McdonaldSummertown High School
Gale McgahaSummertown High SchoolClass of 1963
Bobby McMahanSummertown High School
Jennifer McmahanSummertown High School
Andrea MitchellSummertown High School
Amanda MortonSummertown High School
Craig MullinsSummertown High School
Steven NadeauSummertown High School
Joseph NieveltSummertown High SchoolClass of 2006
Cacilia OaksSummertown High School
Amanda PerezSummertown High School
Erica PetersonSummertown High School
Marko PljevaljcicSummertown High SchoolClass of 2005
Harvey PrattSummertown High School
Bj PusserSummertown High School
Nathan ReedSummertown High School
Brett RiddleSummertown High School
Dustin RiddleSummertown High SchoolClass of 2008
Lesa RiddleSummertown High SchoolClass of 1982
Rita RidgwaySummertown High SchoolClass of 1979
Shelia RigsbySummertown High School
Kevin RobertsSummertown High SchoolClass of 2010
Caleb RussSummertown High SchoolClass of 2011
Mallory ScottSummertown High School
Debra ScruggsSummertown High SchoolClass of 1990
Nicole ShawSummertown High School
Cody SmeltzerSummertown High SchoolClass of 2011
Lynn SmithSummertown High School
Cary TaylorSummertown High SchoolClass of 1986
Rebecca TaylorSummertown High SchoolClass of 2004
Jill TerrySummertown High SchoolClass of 2000
Michael TownsendSummertown High School
Kelsey TuckerSummertown High SchoolClass of 2012
Christa VincentSummertown High School
Timothy VincentSummertown High SchoolClass of 2003
Nicole WaldropSummertown High School
Nathan WarchakSummertown High School
Jana WardSummertown High School
Wickey WhiteSummertown High SchoolClass of 1958
William WhiteSummertown High SchoolClass of 1956

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