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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Lao AbranDr PilaClass of 1979
Francisco AcevedoDr PilaClass of 1964
Teresa AcevedoPonce High
Sylvia AdamsDr PilaClass of 1968
Edwin AgostiniPonce HighClass of 1969
Herminio AliceaDr PilaClass of 1980
Carlos AlvaradoPonce HighClass of 1972
Charlie AlvaradoPonce High
Hector AlvarezLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1991
Quintana AnaDr PilaClass of 1960
Quintana AnaPonce HighClass of 1960
Amaury AndujarBernardino Cordero Sup VocClass of 2001
Celia ApontePonce HighClass of 1987
Melissa ArroyoDr PilaClass of 1996
Samuel ArroyoJardines De Ponce SupClass of 2004
Fernando ArzolaPonce HighClass of 1956
Sonia AvilesDr PilaClass of 1961
Ada BaezThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 2002
Caridad BaezDr Pila
Ivonne BaezPonce HighClass of 1977
Javier BaezDr PilaClass of 1996
Radames BaezPonce HighClass of 1975
Miguel BatistaDr PilaClass of 1982
Maria BeauchampsPonce HighClass of 1992
Elton BelloDr PilaClass of 1982
Elton BelloPonce High
Hector BelloDr PilaClass of 1969
Hector BermudezPonce HighClass of 1974
Virginia BermudezDr PilaClass of 1973
Aida BerriosDr PilaClass of 1967
Angela BlancoDr PilaClass of 1972
Zulma BlancoPonce HighClass of 1987
Carmen BocachicaPonce HighClass of 1975
Kelvi BonanoBethsaida Velazquez AndujarClass of 2005
Ivelisse BonillaDr Pila
Santos BonillaThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1985
Juan BurgosPonce HighClass of 1963
Carlos CalabriaDr PilaClass of 1969
Jorge CappielloPonce HighClass of 1995
Carlitos CaraballoDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1980
Hector CaraballoPonce HighClass of 1979
Jorge CaraballoDr PilaClass of 1970
Lydia CaraballoDr PilaClass of 1966
Lydia CarabalooDr PilaClass of 1966
Griselle CarrasquilloDr PilaClass of 1984
Edgardo CastilloDr PilaClass of 1969
Carmen ChamorroPonce HighClass of 1958
Glorybelle ChamorroDr Pila
Waleska CintronDr Pila
Ulises ClavelPonce HighClass of 1991
Richard CoffinieresLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1966
Luis ColbertPonce HighClass of 1969
Norma CollazPonce High
Gerardo CollazoDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1984
Julio CollazoPonce HighClass of 1969
Hector ColonPonce HighClass of 1979
Rafael ColonPonce HighClass of 1956
Carlos CorreaThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1997
Damien CorreaThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1997
Antonio CostasDr PilaClass of 1960
Charlie CruzPonce HighClass of 1992
Julia CruzPonce HighClass of 1977
Lydia CruzDr PilaClass of 1962
Julie DejesusPonce HighClass of 1980
Nelson DeJesusDr PilaClass of 1978
Samuel DiasDr PilaClass of 2007
Edda DiazPonce High
Jose DiazPonce HighClass of 1976
Miguel DiazJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1984
Ruth DiazThomas Armstrong Toro
Aurea DomenechPonce HighClass of 1973
Aurea DubocDr PilaClass of 1973
Carlos DubocDr PilaClass of 1974
Jose DuranDr PilaClass of 1974
Josefina EransPonce HighClass of 1982
Rodriguez EricLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1987
Luis FeblesBernardino Cordero Sup Voc
Zoraida FelicianoDr PilaClass of 1976
Gonzale FelixDr PilaClass of 1993
Victor FerranDr PilaClass of 1961
Victor FerranThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1958
Idalid FigueroaDr PilaClass of 1969
Marianela FigueroaPonce HighClass of 1984
Licy FloresDr PilaClass of 1981
Marta FloresDr PilaClass of 1979
Andrea GarciaDr PilaClass of 1980
Denise GarciaDr PilaClass of 1980
Jose GarciaPonce HighClass of 1965
Raquel GinestrePonce HighClass of 1956
Cristina GoebelPonce HighClass of 1963
Carmen GomezPonce HighClass of 1973
Carmen GonzalezPonce HighClass of 1970
Carmin GonzalezPonce High
Felsy GonzalezPonce HighClass of 1986
Luz GonzalezPonce HighClass of 1961
Francisco GuilbePonce HighClass of 1971
Hilda GutierrezThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1985
Nilda GutierrezDr PilaClass of 1960
Ailieen HernandezPonce HighClass of 1976
Juan HernandezJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1990
Maria HernandezPonce HighClass of 1971
Irma HortonPonce HighClass of 1949
Medina IliaDr PilaClass of 1985
Andres IrizarryPonce HighClass of 1970
Daisy IrizarryDr PilaClass of 1975
Dorca IrizarryDr Pila
Greymar IrizarryDr Pila
Lizzette IrizarryThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1986
Gloria IrizaryPonce HighClass of 1971
Daisy IrrizarryDr PilaClass of 1975
Greymar IrtizarryDr Pila
Quinones IvanDr PilaClass of 1972
Eileen JorgeDr PilaClass of 1980
Jose JulianJardines De Ponce Sup
Jason LaboyLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1995
Alma LanauseDr PilaClass of 1959
Ericka LeomPonce High
Margarita LeonPonce HighClass of 1956
Iraida LevanteDr PilaClass of 1968
Julio LlamasDr PilaClass of 1987
Hector LopezDr PilaClass of 1974
Julian LopezJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1989
Wilfredo LopezPonce HighClass of 1963
Coral LugaroDr PilaClass of 1989
Janice LugoPonce HighClass of 1979
Vazquez LuisLas Delicias High School
Pedro MalabePonce HighClass of 1956
Rosa MalaveDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1980
Anibal MaldonadoPonce HighClass of 1977
Felix MaldonadoPonce HighClass of 1956
Frances MaldonadoDr PilaClass of 1987
Holvin MaldonadoPonce HighClass of 1976
Isbelle MaldonadoDr PilaClass of 1989
Luis MaldonadoBethsaida Velazquez Andujar
Monty MaldonadoPonce HighClass of 1969
Mayra MangualPonce HighClass of 1987
Rosa ManriqueThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1981
Richard MarreroDr PilaClass of 2006
Sergio MarreroLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1984
Anna MartinPonce HighClass of 1985
Leinad MartinesDr PilaClass of 2002
Carlos MartinezDr PilaClass of 1975
Carmen MartinezDr PilaClass of 1977
Cristina MartinezDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1985
Emerito MartinezPonce HighClass of 1940
Enidsa MartinezPonce HighClass of 1987
Evelyn MartinezPonce HighClass of 1963
Javier MartinezDr PilaClass of 1996
Nancy MartinezDr PilaClass of 1985
Ana MateoPonce HighClass of 1976
Carmen MatiasPonce HighClass of 1976
Johny MatiasPonce HighClass of 1977
Marta MatosDr PilaClass of 1979
Rafael MatosPonce HighClass of 1971
Anel MedinaDr PilaClass of 1982
Ilia MedinaDr PilaClass of 1985
Jazmin MedinaPonce HighClass of 1992
Maribel MedinaDr PilaClass of 1982
Lillian MejiasThomas Armstrong Toro
Edda MelendezPonce HighClass of 1963
Santos MelendezThomas Armstrong Toro
Lillian MendozaPonce HighClass of 1981
Celeste MercadoDr PilaClass of 1980
Jose MirandaPonce HighClass of 1976
Eddie MontalvoPonce HighClass of 2007
Luis MoralesDr Pila
Lydia MoralesDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1976
Ramon MoralesDr PilaClass of 1964
Yolanda MoralesPonce HighClass of 1985
Edd NarvaezDr PilaClass of 1989
Hector NazarioPonce HighClass of 1973
Carmen NegronDr PilaClass of 1973
Jose NegronDr PilaClass of 1973
Questell NelsonJardines De Ponce Sup
Kitty NemecekPonce HighClass of 1955
Jose NievesPonce HighClass of 1986
Tanya NievesPonce HighClass of 1994
Wanda NievesPonce HighClass of 1980
Maria OcasioPonce HighClass of 1984
Adela OlivariDr PilaClass of 1962
Migdalia OliverPonce HighClass of 1969
Myrna OrengoDr PilaClass of 1980
Maria OriolPonce HighClass of 1986
Ceciliana OrtizDr PilaClass of 1982
Daniel OrtizPonce HighClass of 1982
Elizabeth OrtizPonce HighClass of 1976
Gilbert OrtizPonce HighClass of 1979
Norma OrtizPonce HighClass of 1991
Richard OrtizPonce HighClass of 1975
Maria OsorioPonce HighClass of 1986
Heber PacasiBernardino Cordero Sup Voc
Amarilys PachecoDr PilaClass of 1969
Carllos PachecoJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1985
Carlos PachecoJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1985
Wilson PachecoBethsaida Velazquez AndujarClass of 2003
Luis PadillaDr PilaClass of 1959
Alberto PaganDr PilaClass of 1984
Grace PaganDr PilaClass of 1975
Lourdes PaganPonce HighClass of 1977
Wanda PaoliDr PilaClass of 1969
Ginette PenaDr PilaClass of 1985
Isabel PerezPonce HighClass of 1978
Juan PerezDr PilaClass of 1968
Mariana PerezDr PilaClass of 1961
Meliangee PerezDr PilaClass of 1994
Mirta PerezBernardino Cordero Sup VocClass of 2003
Nereida PerezDr Pila
Norma PerezDr PilaClass of 1973
Ruben PerezPonce HighClass of 1975
Robert PintoDr PilaClass of 2001
Raul PolaJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1990
Nancy PrinicpeDr PilaClass of 1967
Hilda QuinonesPonce HighClass of 1972
Mildred QuinonesDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1976
Victor QuintanaDr PilaClass of 1979
Waleska QuintanaLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1996
Valentin QuinteroDr PilaClass of 1984
Everlidis QuirindongoDr PilaClass of 1980
Santiago RamonDr PilaClass of 1977
Gladys RamosPonce HighClass of 1976
Laudalina RamosPonce HighClass of 1968
Luis RamosPonce HighClass of 1997
Gregory RentasPonce HighClass of 1974
Yolanda RentasDr PilaClass of 1986
Coffinieres RichardLas Delicias High SchoolClass of 1966
Jazmin RiosPonce HighClass of 2006
Brenda RiveraPonce HighClass of 1984
Carmen RiveraDr Alfredo AguayoClass of 1976
Chary RiveraDr PilaClass of 1981
David RiveraPonce HighClass of 2002
Denis RiveraPonce HighClass of 1952
Dennis RiveraPonce HighClass of 1952
Dorcas RiveraDr PilaClass of 1980
Isabel RiveraPonce HighClass of 1944
Ivette RiveraLas Delicias High School
Melanie RiveraThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1993
Nelson RiveraDr PilaClass of 1994
Rafael RiveraDr PilaClass of 1983
Vilma RiveraPonce HighClass of 1982
Dimas RodriguezDr PilaClass of 1957
Emanuel RodriguezThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 2003
Emilio RodriguezPonce HighClass of 1956
Gerardo RodriguezDr PilaClass of 1988
Janice RodriguezJardines De Ponce SupClass of 1987
Jose RodriguezPonce HighClass of 1980
Leo RodriguezDr PilaClass of 1971
Miguel RodriguezThomas Armstrong ToroClass of 1958
Noemi RodriguezDr PilaClass of 1977
Boris RojasPonce HighClass of 1971

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