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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Darren AlexanderDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1983
Linda AlexanderDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1966
Benjamin ArnoldDarby Township High School
Chris ArnoldDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1970
Geoff ArnoldDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1982
Gordon AtherholtGlen-norClass of 1940
William AuldInterboroClass of 1965
Phil AustinInterboroClass of 1995
Ginny BadadadoDarby Township SchoolClass of 1974
Virgina BadadadoDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1974
Virgina BadadoDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1974
Virgina BadadoDarby Township SchoolClass of 1974
Virgina BadadoInterboroClass of 1974
Ginny BadaoDarby Township High School
Holly BadgioInterboroClass of 1997
William BaggsGlen-norClass of 1966
Richard BaldinoInterboroClass of 1965
Drake BensonDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1975
Dave BochInterboroClass of 1983
Fran BogdashInterboroClass of 1982
Barbara BranchGlen-norClass of 1949
Richard BrantonGlen-norClass of 1954
Alice BriscoeGlen-norClass of 1940
Carl BrownDarby Township School
Frank BrownDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1980
Frank CamanellaInterboroClass of 1992
Monica CarewDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1983
Monica CarewDarby Township SchoolClass of 1983
Jalah CateneseDarby Township School
Arnold ChristopherDarby Township High School
Terri CosgroveInterboro
Venord CowanDarby Township SchoolClass of 1981
Cynthia CrossonDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1974
Walter CrumpDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1973
John CulinGlen-norClass of 1940
Anthony DementoDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1965
William DenicolaGlencroft Christian School
Dorene DiMauroDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1982
Jacqueline DowellDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1973
James DowellDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1985
Robert DowellDarby Township SchoolClass of 1974
Larry DowstInterboroClass of 1972
Nancy DoyleInterboroClass of 1967
William DoyleInterboroClass of 2012
Donna DraveczInterboroClass of 1979
Donna DulmuchInterboroClass of 1986
Carlotta EdneyDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1979
Carlotta EdneyDarby Township SchoolClass of 1979
Kendrick EllisonDarby Township SchoolClass of 1979
Linda EmanuelGlen-norClass of 1957
Antonette FiegoInterboroClass of 1979
Lisa FordDarby Township SchoolClass of 1983
Joyce FurmanInterboroClass of 1970
Douglas GastonDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1976
Douglas GastonDarby Township SchoolClass of 1976
Tim GlassInterboroClass of 1987
Summer GuardianoDarby Township High SchoolClass of 2011
Marilyn HallDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1971
John HawkinsGlen-norClass of 1941
Lucile HendricksGlen-norClass of 1940
Thomas HicksInterboroClass of 1967
Joyce HutchinsonDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1967
George JacksonDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1979
Smith JamesInterboroClass of 1973
William JohnsonDarby Township SchoolClass of 1965
Francis JohnstonGlen-norClass of 1944
Myron JonesDarby Township School
Vincent JordanDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1970
Thomas KauffmanInterboroClass of 1968
David KlineburgerGlencroft Christian SchoolClass of 1979
Frank KorbelInterboroClass of 1985
Marilyn KylerGlen-norClass of 1950
Ronny LambertGlen-norClass of 1953
Marcelle LeamyInterboro
Gary LesterDarby Township SchoolClass of 1971
Ryan LindellInterboroClass of 1995
Ramona LynchDarby Township SchoolClass of 1979
Lisa MaloneyDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1978
Robert MaloneyInterboroClass of 1965
Larry MarkGlen-norClass of 1942
Vickie MarshallInterboroClass of 1983
Brittany MazolaInterboroClass of 2010
Elizabeth MeloInterboroClass of 2007
Charlie MiksitInterboroClass of 1995
Charles MillerDarby Township SchoolClass of 1971
Christopher MooreInterboro
Leslie MorganInterboroClass of 1968
Ron MorgensternInterboroClass of 1953
Antoinette MorriseyDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1976
Mike MortimerInterboroClass of 1986
Bunny MowinskiGlen-nor
Catherine MowinskiGlen-norClass of 1954
Michael MurrayDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1977
Roxanne NormanDarby Township SchoolClass of 1979
Nancy NulfInterboroClass of 1965
Tom OchuidaInterboroClass of 1985
Mike OwensInterboroClass of 1984
Carol PaceInterboroClass of 1965
Harry PattersonGlen-nor
Keishla PerezDarby Township School
Louis PiottiDarby Township SchoolClass of 1970
Linda PrideDarby Township SchoolClass of 1978
Lawrence PurfieldInterboroClass of 1981
John QuinnGlen-norClass of 1953
Jacqueline RawlinsDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1965
Elizabeth RileyGlen-nor
John RogersInterboroClass of 1976
Katie RopskiDarby Township School
Susan RothInterboroClass of 1979
George RotherGlencroft Christian SchoolClass of 1986
Earle RowdonGlen-norClass of 1946
Gertrude RuppertDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1942
John RybackGlen-nor
Faye SaddlerDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1975
Harry SchaeferGlen-norClass of 1934
MaryAnn SchatzGlen-norClass of 1948
Kathy SchillerInterboroClass of 1967
Caroline SchindlbeckGlen-norClass of 1952
Carolyn SmithGlen-norClass of 1973
David SmithInterboro
Kenneth SmithInterboroClass of 1986
Russell SmithDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1979
Vera SmithDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1981
Thomas SpencerDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1972
Rosalie StackhouseGlen-norClass of 1951
David StefosDarby Township SchoolClass of 2012
Kathy SteinmetzInterboroClass of 1983
George StewartDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1968
Judy StottGlen-nor
Debra TaggartDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1973
Joyce TaliaferroDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1940
Richard TepperGlen-norClass of 1953
Maryjane TheordoreInterboroClass of 1974
Jay TriskaInterboro
Diana turnerInterboroClass of 1972
William TwomeyGlen-norClass of 1940
Debbie VanceDarby Township SchoolClass of 1972
Arthur WAiteGlen-norClass of 1955
Charles WalkerDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1970
Virginia WallerGlen-norClass of 1943
Wendy WarfulGlencroft Christian SchoolClass of 1980
Joanne WarnerInterboroClass of 1965
Jane WatersInterboroClass of 1982
Kevin WattsInterboroClass of 1970
Phillip WernerDarby Township High SchoolClass of 1981
John WettlauferInterboroClass of 1960
Joanne WhiteInterboroClass of 1970
Delgreco WilsonDarby Township High School
Joyce WoodsInterboroClass of 1961

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Approximately 500 of residents in Glenolden (6%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Glenolden residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.