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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Anita AbateMarshall Mcluhan SchoolClass of 2004
Claire AbbottForest Hill Collegiate Inst
Robin AbbottMonarch Park Collegiate Inst
Irving AbellaHarbord Collegiate Institute
Laurie AbleEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1987
Gerry AckroydDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1958
Elaine ActonNorth Toronto Collegiate Inst
Mike ActonMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1968
Brigitte AdamaitisWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1957
Jacinda AdamsEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 2001
Joy AdamsWeston Collegiate Institute
Diana AgostinoHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1986
Asad AhadWest Toronto Collegiate InstClass of 1999
Deka AhmedEastdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 2003
Jay AhmedJarvis Collegiate Institute
Rick AidaHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1975
Greg AishfordWestern Tech & Commercial SchoolClass of 2003
Sovan AlamNorthern Secondary School
Othman AlaminWest Toronto Collegiate InstClass of 1988
Mota AlburtWest Toronto Collegiate Inst
Ricardo AlemanCity School
Lucy AlexandreHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1987
Diane AlexopoulosNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1978
Justin AlfredBishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton
Amna AliEastdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 2012
Faduma AliYork Humber High SchoolClass of 2000
Iman AliWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 2005
Robert AliWest Toronto Collegiate InstClass of 1995
Bill AllaireMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1974
Greg AllenMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1966
Carol AllisonRiverdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 1976
Goretti AlmediaCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1979
Benson AloanMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1967
George AlonsoWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1987
Nassri AlsaadyYork Humber High SchoolClass of 1984
Anita AltiliaNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1983
Dayna AltomoreCity School
Marcelo AlvearCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1977
Fatima AlvesCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1992
Paul AlvesJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1991
Andy AmaralBishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton
Stephanie AmaralWest Toronto Collegiate InstClass of 2003
Manuel AmaroCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1984
Narendra AmbedkarEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 2004
Yolanda AmodioHeydon Park Secondary School
Audrey AmosWeston Collegiate Institute
Pablo AnOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1998
Duque AnaUrsula Franklin AcademyClass of 2012
Gail AndersonBishop Strachan SchoolClass of 1948
Margaret AndersonEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1967
Filomena AndreozziJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1978
Phoebe AndrewGreat Lakes College Of Toronto
Cipriano AngeloMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1972
Meringolo AngeloOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1988
Sam AnidjarNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1973
Samuel AnidjarNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1974
Emily AnnEastdale Collegiate Institute
Anthony AnnibaleHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1995
Julia AntalDanforth Col & Tech Institute
Norma ApplebaumBloor Collegiate Institute
Brian ApplebyDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1959
Suheily AquinoLinden School
Olga ArUniversity Of Toronto Schools
Anna ArabczukBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1973
Maritza ArapeLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1958
Erneil ArcherEastdale Collegiate Institute
Budge ArchibaldBranksome HallClass of 1945
Muna ArifGreenwood Secondary SchoolClass of 2011
Bill ArmourGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1969
Robert ArmstrongCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1953
Olga ArsenievaUniversity Of Toronto Schools
Juanita AshleyCentral Technical SchoolClass of 2001
Eve AsiaBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 2003
John AsplundCentral Technical School
Ross AssenzaBishop Marrocco-Thomas MertonClass of 1991
Dionne AtkinsonMonarch Park Collegiate Inst
Walter AtlasDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1968
Heather AtwoodMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1972
Lucy AvalradoBishop Marrocco-Thomas MertonClass of 1985
Mauro AzzanoGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1974
George BabaMalvern Collegiate InstituteClass of 1958
Aleema BacchusWest Toronto Collegiate InstClass of 2004
Antonio BadiaMarshall Mcluhan SchoolClass of 2002
Sam BagazzoliGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1968
Andrea BaileyEastdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 1999
Norm BaileyNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1963
Frances BaillieHavergal CollegeClass of 1972
Phyllis BakerGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1973
Scott BakerForest Hill Collegiate InstClass of 1976
Wanda BakowskiMalvern Collegiate Institute
Harold BaldeHumberside Collegiate InstClass of 1968
Gina BaliLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1959
William BallWestern Tech & Commercial School
Judy BallantyneEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1958
Karen BallesterosWest Toronto Collegiate InstClass of 1999
Jeffrey BalsonWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1960
Maria BaltodanoLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1962
James BanksForest Hill Collegiate InstClass of 1956
Jim BanksForest Hill Collegiate InstClass of 1956
Gail BannisterWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1988
Bezzo BarbWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1965
John BarbieriGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1977
Michael BarbutoCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1964
Eli BardikoffOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 2012
Robert BarkinForest Hill Collegiate Inst
Cathi BarnesGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1976
Chris BarnesWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1993
Karen BarnesEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1969
Pat BarnesCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1967
Garne BarnsdaleBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1984
Milena BaroniLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1986
Garry BarrNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1980
Adele BarrettaraOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1973
Miser BarryForest Hill Collegiate Inst
Daisy BarsbyLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1993
Lucien BartelliBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1978
Leslie BarthaHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1963
Suasan BarthaHarbord Collegiate Institute
Susan BarthaHarbord Collegiate Institute
Ron BartockWestern Tech & Commercial SchoolClass of 1963
Luca BartoliHarbord Collegiate Institute
Carmen BartoloHumberside Collegiate InstClass of 1981
Irene BartoloYork Humber High SchoolClass of 1969
Victor BartramMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1976
Claudio BasconsueloWestern Tech & Commercial SchoolClass of 1977
Bakwinder BasranBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1986
Amali BatraBishop Strachan SchoolClass of 1994
Domenic BattistaHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1969
Gloria BattistaGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1961
Joe BattistaCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1972
Mary BattistaGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1974
Rosemary BattistonWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1971
Gary BaxterGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1966
Cheryl BaziukMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1976
Carol BeacockOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1970
David BeattyHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1958
Jennifer BeckBishop Strachan SchoolClass of 1983
Pam BeckingNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1978
Linda BeekieCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1994
Tony BekasDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1987
Isabelle BelahouaneParkdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 1983
Rosa BelchiorCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1994
Heather BellLawrence Park Collegiate InstClass of 1976
Gloria BellioGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1957
Dora BellissimoCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1973
Jacqueline BenavidsBishop Marrocco-Thomas MertonClass of 1994
Gabor BendzsakOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1961
James BenjaminCity School
Codey BennettCentral Technical SchoolClass of 2012
Jane BennettJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1978
Allan BensonMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1967
Anthony BensonCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1968
Elaine BentleyForest Hill Collegiate InstClass of 1961
Heidi BeraldoCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1966
Priscilla BerenbaumOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1959
Eleanor BereschnoyEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1964
Elizabeth BerryGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1964
Cathy BertucciBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1978
Ingrid BerzinsEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1978
Donald BescoCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1959
Kerasiotis BessieBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1988
June BevanWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1968
Ilva BevilacquaGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1977
Victor BewshHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1946
Barb BezzoWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1965
Barbara BezzoWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1967
Licia BiaggioLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1980
Pino BiancoDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1979
Harry BiffenCentral Technical School
Dennis BiffisYork Humber High SchoolClass of 1981
Maeve BillesHavergal CollegeClass of 1986
Robert BillinghurstWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1957
Luisa BilottaOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1971
Irma BinceWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1960
Kathy BinnsNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1963
Kathy BirtwistleEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1975
John BissettBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1954
Vito BitondoHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1975
Rhea BittonHavergal CollegeClass of 1960
Amy BlackJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1990
Marica BlackWestern Tech & Commercial SchoolClass of 1960
Maureen BlackmanBishop Strachan SchoolClass of 1974
Bob BlackmoreDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1979
Joanne BlackwellNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1963
Leroy BlakeBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1978
Greg BlascheckLawrence Park Collegiate InstClass of 1980
Bob BlashillWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1981
Robert BlashillWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1980
Bert BloomOakwood Collegiate InstituteClass of 1952
Jane BlowHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1975
Greg BlyskoszHumberside Collegiate InstClass of 1988
John BlythJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1955
Jannett BodemannLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1978
Derrick BogleYork Humber High School
Denys BolanosBishop Marrocco-Thomas Merton
Judi BollmanBishop Strachan SchoolClass of 1960
Grace BonafeGeorge Harvey Vocational High School
Monica BonfiglioBishop Marrocco-Thomas MertonClass of 1987
Valerie BooneBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1972
Linda BoothEastern High School Of CommerceClass of 1965
Marilyn BoothRiverdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 1971
Elissa BorehamJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1985
Ana BorgesBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1978
Doug BormanDanforth Col & Tech Institute
Sharon BorthwickMonarch Park Collegiate InstClass of 1968
Desiree BortolussiNational Ballet School
Jose BoujoisMalvern Collegiate Institute
Thomas BoulierisBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1984
Dennis BoultonRiverdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 1969
Brant BourgiosDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1979
Betty BourneMalvern Collegiate Institute
Cathy BourqueCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1977
Ron BoutilierWestern Tech & Commercial SchoolClass of 1967
Eric BowHarbord Collegiate InstituteClass of 1959
Bonnie BradleyNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1982
Jane BraithwaiteBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1969
David BrandDanforth Col & Tech InstituteClass of 1967
Herbert BrandDe La Salle College-OaklandsClass of 1963
Athina BranidisNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1976
Philip BrannDe La Salle College-OaklandsClass of 1981
Jagjit BrarMalvern Collegiate InstituteClass of 1985
Lola BrattyWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1959
Nancy BravoLoretto College-Markham CampusClass of 1989
Nancy BravoLoretto College-South CampusClass of 1989
Mary BrennanLoretto Abbey High School
Dona BrentHavergal College
Ruth BrettForest Hill Collegiate InstClass of 1947
Carol BridgefordBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1966
James BridgesNorthern Secondary SchoolClass of 1967
Peter BriggsJarvis Collegiate InstituteClass of 1971
Vic BrigmantasBloor Collegiate Institute
James BrimsNorthern Secondary School
Claudette BristolParkdale Collegiate InstituteClass of 1973
Eduardo BritoCentral Technical SchoolClass of 1977
Julie BritoLoretto Abbey High SchoolClass of 1992
Maureen BrittenCentral Technical School
Danielle BroSt Clements SchoolClass of 1987
Jim BroeBishop Marrocco-Thomas MertonClass of 2002
Neil BrookBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1967
Barbara BrookerCentral Commerce Coll InstClass of 1951
Devon BrownWestern Tech & Commercial SchoolClass of 2011
Taylor BrownCity School
Victoria BrownMonarch Park Collegiate Inst
Vivian BrownBloor Collegiate InstituteClass of 1987
Tara BrowneBishop Strachan SchoolClass of 1978
Danielle BrozinniSt Clements SchoolClass of 1987
Don BrumbyGeorge Harvey Vocational High SchoolClass of 1957
Luigi BrunatoWeston Collegiate InstituteClass of 1976
Danielle BruzinniSt Clements SchoolClass of 1987

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