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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Jacaline AdairChilocco Indian School
Jackie AdairChilocco Indian School
Jacqueline AdairChilocco Indian School
David AdamsChilocco Indian School
Eva AgoodieChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Mary AkonetoChilocco High SchoolClass of 1943
Mary AkonetoChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1943
Elizabeth AnqueChilocco High SchoolClass of 1970
Elizabeth AqueChilocco High SchoolClass of 1970
Felix ArchuletaChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1963
Jewel ArkeketaChilocco High SchoolClass of 1976
Bernice AustinChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Lee BaconChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1947
George BaldwinChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1972
Frank BallChilocco Indian School
Helen BarkerChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1941
Marcella BarneyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Francis BatesChilocco Indian School
Juanita BeanChilocco Indian School
Rachel BearpawChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1950
Stella BeaverChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1969
Vance BeaverChilocco High SchoolClass of 1955
Vance BeaverChilocco Indian School
Calvin BegayChilocco High SchoolClass of 1965
Clyde BegayChilocco High SchoolClass of 1970
Frank BellChilocco Indian School
Betty BeltChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1963
Tulley BenChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Nancy BigmeatChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Eddie BillieChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1977
Dorcas BirgamChilocco Indian School
Nancy BlackfoxChilocco High SchoolClass of 1965
Nancy BlackfoxChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Michael BlackstarChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1970
George BlalockChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1962
Tomas BlueBackChilocco Indian School
Dowell BowmanChilocco Indian School
Jane BowmanChilocco Indian School
Lucy BowmanChilocco Indian School
Rosa BradyChilocco Indian School
Nancy BridgeChilocco Indian School
Clyde BrownChilocco Indian School
Dan BrownChilocco Indian School
Dee BrownChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1947
Deloris BrownChilocco High SchoolClass of 1947
Deloris BrownChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1947
Naomi BrownChilocco Indian School
Willie BrownChilocco Indian School
Charlene BurrisChilocco Indian School
Melinda ByrdChilocco Indian School
Veronica CachuchaChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1959
Diane CainChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1968
Raymond CampaChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1968
Daniel CanoeChilocco Indian School
Richard CanoeChilocco Indian School
George CharleyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1969
Jose ChavezChilocco Indian School
Matthew ChicoChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Norene ChisholmChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1948
Helene CookChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1970
Florence CorneliusChilocco Indian School
Elma CravattChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1925
Jeff CreekkillerChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1954
Donna CumminsChilocco High SchoolClass of 1950
Betty DeerChilocco Indian School
Kay DenningChilocco Indian School
John DesjarlietChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1980
Ann DolanChilocco High SchoolClass of 1965
Cherl DolanChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Cheryl DolanChilocco High SchoolClass of 1965
Cheryl DolanChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Adriane DolesChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1973
Basil DoneyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1967
Mary DruryChilocco Indian School
Nick DullChilocco High SchoolClass of 1970
Nick DullChilocco Indian School
James ElamChilocco Indian School
Edward EllisChilocco Indian School
Leila EltsosieChilocco High SchoolClass of 1963
Lois EtcittyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1954
Edith EtsittyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1953
Jerry FarrisChilocco Indian School
Florita FlemingChilocco Indian School
Douglas ForakerChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1947
Jack FosterChilocco High SchoolClass of 1955
Carole FranklinChilocco High SchoolClass of 1959
Marilyn FranklinChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1982
Martina GalloChilocco Indian School
Carole GeiogmahChilocco High SchoolClass of 1960
Minerva GibsonChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1937
Inez GonazelsChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1941
Jewel GoodlowChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1975
Lisa GoodlowChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1978
Bobbie GourdChilocco High SchoolClass of 1948
Ralph GrasshopperChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1930
Judith GravesChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1956
Lillian GrovesChilocco Indian School
John HalfmoonChilocco Indian School
Billy HarrisonChilocco High SchoolClass of 1954
Billy HarrisonChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1955
Louise HarrisonChilocco Indian School
Michael HarryChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Lula HarveyChilocco High SchoolClass of 1965
Priscilla HayChilocco Indian School
John HeneryChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Krlreood HermanChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1964
Cornelius HillChilocco Indian School
Ray HinmanChilocco Indian School
Warren HoganChilocco Indian School
Richard HolbrookChilocco High School
Garland HoweChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1972
Maurice HoweChilocco High SchoolClass of 1967
Richard HudsonChilocco High SchoolClass of 1976
Wesley HudsonChilocco High SchoolClass of 1975
Toni InnesChilocco Indian School
Raymond IsaacChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1943
Terrell JacksonChilocco Indian School
Dennis JamesChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1956
Stella JamesChilocco Indian School
Levi JeffersonChilocco Indian School
Linda JessepeChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1967
Bertha JimChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1960
Hannah JimChilocco Indian School
Leo JoeChilocco Indian School
Charley JohnsonChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1964
Dorcas JohnsonChilocco Indian School
Vernon JohnsonChilocco Indian School
Wallace JonesChilocco Indian School
Albert JudyChilocco High SchoolClass of 1967
Rosetta JumperChilocco Indian School
Justine KalamaChilocco Indian School
Herman KelewoodChilocco High SchoolClass of 1964
Dorcas KentChilocco High SchoolClass of 1963
Dorcas KentChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1963
Bernadette KeyesChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1968
Viola KeysChilocco Indian School
Harold KingChilocco Indian School
John KreitzerChilocco Indian School
Juanita LandrethChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1937
Frankie LeclairChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Geraldine LeclairChilocco Indian School
Dee LeeChilocco Indian School
Lucy LeeChilocco High SchoolClass of 1971
Lucy LeeChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1970
Patricia LeemhuisChilocco Indian School
Dana LeroyChilocco Indian School
Keith LittleChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1945
Henry LittlebirdChilocco Indian School
Ike LittledaveChilocco High SchoolClass of 1956
Cheryl LonewolfChilocco Indian School
Candy LossiahChilocco Indian School
Nora LossieChilocco Indian School
Francis LoweryChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1948
Glifford LujanChilocco Indian School
Vicki LyonsChilocco Indian School
Thomas MaestasChilocco Indian School
Joseph ManitowaChilocco Indian School
Watchman ManuelChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Delilah MartinChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1970
Mary MasquatChilocco High SchoolClass of 1974
Mary MasquatChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1974
Marylou MasquatChilocco High SchoolClass of 1974
Robert MaysChilocco Indian School
Anita McGlassonChilocco Indian School
JoEllen McIntoshChilocco Indian School
Lance MclendonChilocco High SchoolClass of 1979
Lance MclendonChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1980
Joe McNacChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1954
Joseph MellonChilocco Indian School
Joan MerrillChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1953
George MiguelChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1960
Edward MillerChilocco Indian School
Begay MillieChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1963
Netha MoonChilocco Indian School
Bobby MooreChilocco Indian School
Elenor MorenoChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1954
Brian MorrisChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1973
Vernon NanaetoChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1960
Carla NiastorChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1969
Minnie NoonChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1958
Margaret NorseChilocco High School
Lillian OfieldChilocco Indian School
Richard OFieldChilocco Indian School
Bill OttChilocco High SchoolClass of 1946
Eguino PadillaChilocco Indian School
Francisco PadillaChilocco Indian School
Leslie PahdoconyChilocco Indian School
Joan PambogoChilocco Indian School
Teresa PantelChilocco Indian School
Teresa PantellChilocco Indian School
Jesse PappanChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1974
Arnold ParkerChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1972
Vance ParkerChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1980
William ParkerChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1976
Richard ParksChilocco Indian School
Stella PartridgeChilocco Indian School
Stephanie PartridgeChilocco Indian School
Thomas PattersonChilocco Indian School
Freda PaytonChilocco High SchoolClass of 1940
Elsa PeacockChilocco High SchoolClass of 1951
John PeacockChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1969
Mary PeaseChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1938
Baltazar PerezChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1940
Vivica PrettyweaselChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1970
Ross PrimeauxChilocco Indian School
Nora RattlerChilocco Indian School
Tsianina RedfeatherChilocco Indian School
Francis RiggsChilocco Indian School
Jim RoachChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1963
Rena RoarkChilocco Indian School
Myrna RobeChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1968
Blackwater RobertChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1968
Bethina RobertsChilocco High SchoolClass of 1967
John RobertsChilocco Indian School
Butch RolandChilocco High SchoolClass of 1950
Butch RolandChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1950
Leonard RossChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1955
Delores RoubideauxChilocco Indian School
Doroteo SaenzChilocco Indian School
Eugenio SanchezChilocco Indian School
Kim SaulChilocco High SchoolClass of 1977
Sam SaunookeChilocco High School
Toni SavageChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1971
Margie ScottChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1966
Sarah ShantaChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1963
Bruce ShelbyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1970
Kathy ShortyChilocco High SchoolClass of 1968
Wesley SnyderChilocco Indian School
Cyrus SqueochsChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
James SquirrelChilocco Indian School
Nancy SquirrellChilocco High SchoolClass of 1940
Fay StandsblackChilocco Indian School
Possum StandsblackChilocco Indian School
Connie StevensChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1965
Alex StoneChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1968
John StubbsChilocco Indian School
Woodrow SulphurChilocco Indian School
Priscill SurriteChilocco Indian School
Neva SwaggertyChilocco Indian School
Caron SwayneyChilocco Indian SchoolClass of 1977
Ramsey TanyanChilocco Indian School
Elizabeth TecumsehChilocco Indian School
Betty TeeheeChilocco Indian School
Wilma TetonChilocco Indian School
Bobby ThompsonChilocco High School
Judy TofpiChilocco Indian School
Jim TohtsoniChilocco Indian School
Mike TommieChilocco Indian School
Alma TrombleyChilocco High SchoolClass of 1972

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