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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Chante ArsdaleWyoming High School
Shannon BalnesWyoming High School
Peter BasonWyoming High School
John BatesWyoming High School
Steve BellWyoming High SchoolClass of 1973
Gregg BlakeWyoming High School
Steve BlantonWyoming High School
Steven BlantonWyoming High SchoolClass of 1969
Kim BloWyoming High SchoolClass of 1987
Peter BohlsWyoming High School
Richard BurgessWyoming High SchoolClass of 1953
Evan CarsmanWyoming High School
Gail CashWyoming High SchoolClass of 1964
Inez ChappellWyoming High SchoolClass of 1947
Winter ChieftainWyoming High School
Linda ColvinWyoming High School
Carla CurtiWyoming High School
Danny DeckerWyoming High School
Laura DemberWyoming High SchoolClass of 1980
Paul DonahooWyoming High School
Laurie DuncanWyoming High SchoolClass of 1973
Linda DuncanWyoming High School
William EckrothWyoming High School
Chelsea EddyWyoming High School
Michelle FlimanWyoming High SchoolClass of 1993
Harry FortneyWyoming High School
Tina HaddenhamWyoming High School
Jo HagerWyoming High School
Ludwig HansenWyoming High School
Kelly HardyWyoming High School
Brandon HartmanWyoming High School
Adrian HuthWyoming High School
Murrey IlesWyoming High School
Jason JohnsonWyoming High School
Kate KahnWyoming High School
Julia KaneWyoming High SchoolClass of 2013
Kathy KefferWyoming High SchoolClass of 1967
Karen KierWyoming High School
Mark KingWyoming High SchoolClass of 1973
Josh KolsenWyoming High School
Frank KrauseWyoming High School
Franklin KrauseWyoming High School
Ihno LeeWyoming High School
Collin LewisWyoming High School
Sarah LucasWyoming High SchoolClass of 1995
Justin MariolWyoming High School
Carrie MccarthyWyoming High School
Michael MccormickWyoming High School
Debbie McCrackenWyoming High SchoolClass of 1973
Mat MillerWyoming High School
Stephen MillerWyoming High School
Caroline MooneyWyoming High SchoolClass of 2004
Bill MorrisWyoming High SchoolClass of 1961
Dana NelsonWyoming High School
Kathy PalmerWyoming High School
Stepahnie PauleyWyoming High School
Twila PetersenWyoming High School
Yvonne RankWyoming High School
Brenda ReedWyoming High School
Ann ReynoldsWyoming High SchoolClass of 1974
Nancy RuebWyoming High School
Chris SchmidtWyoming High SchoolClass of 1966
Holly SchmittWyoming High SchoolClass of 1985
Sara SchumacherWyoming High School
Phil ShepherdWyoming High School
Jason SielerWyoming High School
Alex SmithWyoming High School
Brooke SmithWyoming High School
Greg SmithWyoming High School
Richard SmithWyoming High SchoolClass of 1992
Ryan StacyWyoming High School
Sharon StewartWyoming High School
John SturtzWyoming High School
Jean SzymcowskiWyoming High School
Tim TefsWyoming High School
Lois ThomasWyoming High School
Cody ThompsonWyoming High School
Haley ThoresenWyoming High SchoolClass of 2011
Laurie VanarsdaleWyoming High School
Sarah VandenbergWyoming High School
Michael WAgnerWyoming High SchoolClass of 1969
Dick WamsleyWyoming High SchoolClass of 1966
Beth WarmanWyoming High School
Laura WellmanWyoming High SchoolClass of 1969
Luke WestWyoming High School
Margaret WiedemanWyoming High SchoolClass of 1969
Mark WilkersonWyoming High School

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Approximately 600 of residents in Wyoming (8%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Wyoming residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.