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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Curtis AdamsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2007
Karen AdamsFayetteville High School
Sandra AndrewsFayetteville High School
Amber AvilaFayetteville High School
Jay BalonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1997
Kim BarkerFayetteville High School
Jean BarnesFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1960
Chuck BatesFayetteville High School
Emily BeukerFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1994
Angel BickleyFayetteville High School
Michael BidwellFayetteville High School
Darlene BinghamFayetteville High School
Nikki BlakemanFayetteville High School
Aunnie BlevinsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1995
Carrie BogganFayetteville High School
Sharon BoggsFayetteville High School
Nick BradfordFayetteville High School
Ginny BrattonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1964
Daniel BrauschFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2002
Nathan BrayFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2007
Sherry BrayFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1984
Macey BrooksFayetteville High School
Allison BuellFayetteville High School
Scot BurdetteFayetteville High School
James CadwalladerFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2007
Kylie CampbellFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2011
Isabell CarnetFayetteville High School
Cassi CarpenterFayetteville High School
Roger CarsonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1975
Brianna CarterFayetteville High School
Bryan ChurchFayetteville High School
Whit CollinsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
Rickey ConleyFayetteville High School
Ty CookFayetteville High School
James CooperFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1999
Brown CorieFayetteville High School
Earl CoxFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
John CoxFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
Missy CoxFayetteville High School
Tom CoxFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1967
Amanda CraycraftFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1994
Danny CroninFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1971
Eric CroninFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2000
Frank CumminsFayetteville High School
Paul CzFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1978
Charles DayFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1980
Cartwright DdraFayetteville High School
Donnald DepewFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
Harry DoddFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1970
Jenifer DowdyFayetteville High School
Adam DozierFayetteville High School
Kristian DrevdollFayetteville High School
Dana DurstFayetteville High School
Brad EdgeFayetteville High School
Tyler EdgingtonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2011
Carol EdwardsFayetteville High School
Stacy ElmoreFayetteville High School
James EvansFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1936
Valarie EvansFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1975
Vera EvansFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1936
Gina FarrowFayetteville High School
Becky FletcherFayetteville High School
Jean FlischelFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1960
Mandy FloydFayetteville High School
Michell GallangerFayetteville High School
Joe GarciaFayetteville High School
Mike GarrettFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1974
Jeffery GormanFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1965
Michael GravesFayetteville High School
Aimee GrayFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1991
Keith GrayFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1991
Mason GreelyFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2013
Chris GreeneFayetteville High School
Robert HammonsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1992
Shirley HauckFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1950
Jay HawkinsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1995
Tara HencyFayetteville High School
Laroyce HinsonFayetteville High School
Joyce HodgeFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1961
Brandon HodgesFayetteville High School
Debbie HoggFayetteville High School
Paul HoldenFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1988
Mike HollandFayetteville High School
Jared HollisFayetteville High School
Casey HoltFayetteville High School
Tyler HopkinsFayetteville High School
Kim HoukFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1976
Gerald HubbardFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
Tina HuberFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1981
Haydn HughesFayetteville High School
Selecca HuntleyFayetteville High School
Amber JohnsonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2007
Clayton JohnsonFayetteville High School
Jessie JohnsonFayetteville High School
Lou JohnsonFayetteville High School
Anna JohnstonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1992
Elizabeth JonesFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1991
James JonesFayetteville High School
Shelly JonesFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1983
Cindy JordanFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1978
Ashley KeechFayetteville High School
Brenda KennanFayetteville High School
Razamus KerwinFayetteville High School
Rucker KingFayetteville High School
Mike KraemerFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2001
Tabatha KromerFayetteville High School
Russell LambertFayetteville High School
Mike LarouseFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1971
LaTashia LeathFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2011
Aaron LewisFayetteville High School
Chris ManciniFayetteville High School
Kayla MartinFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2013
Tyler MccrackenFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2011
Eric McgillFayetteville High School
Kelli McmullenFayetteville High School
Charles McQuillanFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1941
Partin MelissaFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1998
John MeyerFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1961
Anne MillsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1968
Kristin MitchellFayetteville High School
Tiffany MountainFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2012
Emily MountjoyFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1994
Larry MozingoFayetteville High School
Aurora MullinsFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2011
Blanca MurallesFayetteville High School
George NevilleFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1986
Matt NewbillFayetteville High School
Mary NewhouseFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
Amber NicholasFayetteville High School
Caroline NorthFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1960
Robert OConnellFayetteville High School
Dakota OrzinoFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2010
Mason OrzinoFayetteville High School
Cody PatrickFayetteville High School
Jennifer PersingerFayetteville High School
Garry PiferFayetteville High School
John PiperFayetteville High School
Tara PomeroyFayetteville High School
David PorterFayetteville High School
Amy PowellFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2000
Sarah PriceFayetteville High School
Jocelyn PrunaFayetteville High School
Scott RampFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1992
Michael ReussFayetteville High School
Mike ReussFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1971
Dorothy RhoadesFayetteville High School
Mckenzie RickFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1992
Rose RinderleFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1989
Tami RinglerFayetteville High School
Ashly RobinsonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2013
Ashley RogersFayetteville High School
Sarah RogersFayetteville High School
Moises RojasFayetteville High School
Carolyn RosensweigFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1963
Debbie RuessFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1985
Heather RuessFayetteville High School
Danny SayeFayetteville High School
Brian SchoolcraftFayetteville High School
Amanda SchwerdtfegerFayetteville High School
Tyler SellersFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2011
Matthew SiebenmorgenFayetteville High School
Billy SieglerFayetteville High SchoolClass of 2010
Harley SimpsonFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1994
Lori SlaneFayetteville High School
Marc SmithFayetteville High School
Preston SmithFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1993
Wayne SmithFayetteville High School
John SnufferFayetteville High School
Sherri SteinFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1965
Joseph StephensFayetteville High School
Betty StewartFayetteville High School
Roger StultzFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1948
Christie StumbaughFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1990
Amanda SummerfordFayetteville High School
Billy SutherlandFayetteville High School
Mathew TatomFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1990
Pam TaylorFayetteville High School
Tom TaylorFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1967
Joshua ThompsonFayetteville High School
Carol ThornFayetteville High School
Joey TierceFayetteville High School
Miranda TincherFayetteville High School
Darlene ValentineFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1971
Forest ValentineFayetteville High SchoolClass of 1994

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About Fayetteville, OH Alumni

The listing of alumni from Fayetteville, OH includes over 280 graduates from 1 school. To filter results, select a Fayetteville, OH high school using the links to the right. The Fayetteville alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Fayetteville around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Saint Martin, OH, Blanchester, OH, or Midland, OH.

Approximately 0 of residents in Fayetteville (7%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Fayetteville residents (3%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.