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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Carolyn AbdallaLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Rita AlbertLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Sal AnthonyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976
John AppelloFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1982
James ArenaFranciscan High School
John ArenaFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1985
Michele AubryLadycliff AcademyClass of 1963
Marcella BargerLadycliff Academy
Joanne BaulsirLadycliff Academy
Anne BeallFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Mary BittnerLadycliff AcademyClass of 1969
Maryjo BlakeFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1974
Maryjo BlakeLadycliff AcademyClass of 1974
Erik BlockFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1988
Kristi BlockFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Lucia BonitoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1977
Linda BoomhowerLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Charlie BorassiFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1987
William BoughnerFranciscan High School
David BourgeoisFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1985
Diane BowenLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Nora BradyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1969
Nora BradyLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1970
Cecilia BryantLadycliff AcademyClass of 1972
Ceclie BryantLadycliff AcademyClass of 1973
Margaret BryantFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1980
Jane BrynesLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Deidre BurlonFranscianClass of 1968
Deidre BurlonLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Deidre BurlonLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1971
Michael BurnsFranscianClass of 1976
Susan BurstallLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Kathy ByrneLadycliff AcademyClass of 1961
Pat ByrnesLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Ellen CalamariFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1981
Rosemary CaligiuriLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Ka CanastraLadycliff Academy
Kathy CanastraLadycliff Academy
Cathy CantarellaLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Patricia CarmodyLadycliff Academy
Jackie CarneyFranciscan High School
Jacqueline CarneyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Kathryn CarneyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Kathryn CarneyFranscian
Foley CarolLadycliff Academy
Sandra CarterLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Sandy CarterLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Lisa CatucciFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1977
William CatucciFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Thomas CavanaughFranciscan High School
Soraya ChangFranciscan High School
Olga ChomanczukLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1969
Pamela CivilettiLadycliff Academy
Kwaku ClarkFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1988
Rosemary ClarkFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1975
Rosemary ClarkeLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1975
Greg ClarkinFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Coreen ClaussFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Eileen CloonLadycliff Academy
Jennifer CohenFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1987
Gail CombsLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Elizabeth ComorodaLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Linda ConklinLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Robert ConnersFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Robert ConnorsFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Mary ConsigliFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1962
Kathy CoulterFranciscan High School
Donna CourtneyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
Susan CovielloFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1987
Alonzo CrawderFranciscan High School
Thomas CriserFranciscan High School
Alissa CrosbyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Joseph CrowleyFranciscan High School
Angela CucoloLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Yvette DAlatriLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Kelly DalyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1983
Maureen DayLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Cynthia DeanLadycliff Academy
Dudenhoeffer DeannFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1975
Barbara DelaneyLadycliff Academy
Nancy DelaneyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Kathy DemeryLadycliff AcademyClass of 1995
Katerine DestephanoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Debbi DevitoFranscianClass of 1988
Debra DewryerLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Kathleen DiBartFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1982
Michele DidomenicoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1992
Margaret DietzFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976
Linda DillonFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1977
Maria DiodatoLadycliff Academy
John DisimoneFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1983
Ann DohertyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Laura DohertyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1983
Virginia DolanFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Galu DonnaLadycliff Academy
Nancy DonovanLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Marion DooleyLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1940
Regina DoughertyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1980
Tony DrewFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1988
Cathy DrohanFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1985
Dean DudenhafferFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1975
Jim DugganFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1985
Marie EarlyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Millie EiflerLadycliff AcademyClass of 1964
Sueann EisnerLadycliff AcademyClass of 1959
John EspositoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Sharon EustaceFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Frances EvansLadycliff Academy
Melissa FahertyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1982
Philip FarrellFranciscan High School
Joyce FerineLadycliff AcademyClass of 1964
Diane FerraroLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Karissa FetFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Joy FieroLadycliff Academy
Rose FisherLadycliff AcademyClass of 1963
Margret FitzpatrickLadycliff AcademyClass of 1959
Liz FlanneryFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1980
Margaret FloodFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1970
Rosalie FlorioLadycliff AcademyClass of 1964
Cathy FlynnLadycliff AcademyClass of 1969
Lorraine FogartyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
Eileen ForanFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Tara ForanFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1982
Margie FormanLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
Trish FranceFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1982
Michelle FranciosaFranciscan High School
Loi FrascoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1962
Loisann FrascoLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Bonnie FredetteFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Nancy FreemanLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Tricia FrieryFranscianClass of 1967
Mary FrostLadycliff Academy
Scott GallagherFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1988
Donna GaluLadycliff Academy
Sandra GambinoLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
Jakob GappFranciscan High School
Chris GelstonFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976
Michele GelstonLadycliff AcademyClass of 1970
Regina GelstonLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
John GeogheganFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Charles GibsonFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Joan GillickLadycliff AcademyClass of 1979
Mary GillickLadycliff AcademyClass of 1969
Nancy GilmoreLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
Cristina GilsenanFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1981
Christine GorbeckiFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1988
Joseph GorbeckiFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Patricia GradyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Kathy GrantFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1985
Robert GrantFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1968
Jeanette GriecoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Jeannete GriecoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Keith GrispinFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1983
Mary GroarkLadycliff AcademyClass of 1974
Cathy GrzybowskiFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1975
Phyllis GuerraLadycliff AcademyClass of 1956
Patricia HarahanLadycliff AcademyClass of 1971
Michael HardingFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1990
Christine HarkinsFranciscan High School
Deborah HarneyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Jeanne HealyFranciscan High School
Marilyn HeathLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Mary HemionLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1963
Peggy HerbertLadycliff AcademyClass of 1963
Leslie HickmanLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Leslie HickmanLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1968
Lesllie HickmanLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1968
Kevin HigginsFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1989
Sylvia HochreiterLadycliff AcademyClass of 1955
Mark HoeferFranciscan High School
Terry HouserLadycliff High School
Geoffrey HowardFranciscan High School
Marsha HuntFranciscan High School
Brian HurleyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Diane IacovoneLadycliff AcademyClass of 1970
Anthony IannoneFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
Teresa ichFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Eileen IngrahamLadycliff Academy
Anne JacobFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1981
Turner JamesFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1962
Kim JessupFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1986
John JohnsonLadycliff AcademyClass of 1964
Rosalie JoyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Rosemary JoyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Bruce KadeFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Kirsten KapusinskyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1984
Kristen KapusinskyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1984
Miggins KathyLadycliff Academy
Patricia KeatingFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1981
Frank KeenanFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1980
Claudia KellyLadycliff Academy
John KellyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1983
Kathleen KellyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Margaret KellyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1977
Mary KellyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1964
Theresa KellyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1990
Colleen KempleFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Colleen KenFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Colleen KenaleFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Sheila KennedyLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Ellen KnausFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1989
Marianne KoenigLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Colleen KomlosFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976
Lynda KorwanLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Barbara KubankaLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Luke KuchkaFranciscan High School
Roslie LamountainFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1973
Debra LaneFranciscan High School
Ellen LaneLadycliff AcademyClass of 1976
Jea LaneFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Jeannie LaneFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1979
Debra LaRussaFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Evelyn LaughlinLadycliff AcademyClass of 1969
Virginia LeggettLadycliff High SchoolClass of 1969
Linda LehrLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Bryan LeonardoFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Stacey LettisFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1990
Nancy LieblerFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1975
Mcdougal LindaLadycliff Academy
Debra LockwoodLadycliff AcademyClass of 1969
Roseann LoiaFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1969
Roseann LoiaLadycliff AcademyClass of 1970
Phyllis LoprzLadycliff AcademyClass of 1956
Carol LotridgeLadycliff AcademyClass of 1976
Marylynn LounsburyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1978
Donna LuparelloFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976
Doreen LuparelloFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976
Donna LuskLadycliff AcademyClass of 1965
Peggy LynchLadycliff AcademyClass of 1962
Maryjane MacNairLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Joan MadonnaLadycliff Academy
Honora MaherLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Karin MahoneyLadycliff Academy
Honora MahrLadycliff AcademyClass of 1967
Lucy MalaspinaLadycliff AcademyClass of 1972
Cristin ManganFranciscan High School
Paul ManningLadycliff Academy
Gladys MarcanoLadycliff AcademyClass of 1961
Mary MartinLadycliff AcademyClass of 1968
Marlene MartinezFranciscan High School
Teresa MathesLadycliff Academy
Christine MathiasFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1984
Thomas McauliffeFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1988
Tara MccarthyFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1991
Molly McCloskeyFranciscan High School
Mary McdermottLadycliff AcademyClass of 1966
Frank McdonaldFranciscan High SchoolClass of 1976

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