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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Mitch AafedtMichigan High SchoolClass of 1987
Jeffery AdkisonMichigan High SchoolClass of 1990
Kendal AhoMichigan High School
Chloe AkersMichigan High School
Albert AllabyMichigan High SchoolClass of 1968
Jeffery AllenMichigan High School
Keith AllenMichigan High SchoolClass of 1926
Jeffrey AndersonMichigan High School
Paul ArendsMichigan High SchoolClass of 1986
Carvans AtbrynMichigan High SchoolClass of 1988
David BabishMichigan High School
Maha BahroMichigan High School
Troy BartzMichigan High School
Barbra BeebeMichigan High School
Betty BerdahlMichigan High SchoolClass of 1980
Karen BerlinMichigan High School
Linda BeulowMichigan High School
Englund BeverlyMichigan High School
Candace BiermanMichigan High School
Candy BiermanMichigan High SchoolClass of 1968
Joyce BinaMichigan High SchoolClass of 1955
Cody BrantMichigan High SchoolClass of 2008
Willian BurtonMichigan High School
David BushMichigan High School
Ginny CannonMichigan High School
Richard CarpitaMichigan High School
Gerald CarterMichigan High School
Pickters CatMichigan High SchoolClass of 1925
Wendy ChattersMichigan High School
Henry ChmajMichigan High School
Janet ChristiansenMichigan High SchoolClass of 1966
Michelle ClavaMichigan High School
Drew CollinsMichigan High School
Paul CongletonMichigan High School
Holly CookMichigan High SchoolClass of 2006
Kimberly CookMichigan High School
David CraigMichigan High School
Edith CrankfieldMichigan High SchoolClass of 1962
Thomas CrawfordMichigan High School
Antwon CurtisMichigan High School
Betty DamonMichigan High School
Karen DangeloMichigan High School
David DavisMichigan High School
Natalie DawsMichigan High SchoolClass of 1977
Kathy DillenbeckMichigan High School
William DoddsMichigan High School
Bethany DooleyMichigan High School
CarlaJo DoreMichigan High School
Bradley DowdyMichigan High SchoolClass of 1967
Sarah DurkeeMichigan High School
Corey EdwardsMichigan High School
Cynthia ErdmanMichigan High School
Matthew ErwayMichigan High School
Tuell EtzelMichigan High SchoolClass of 1934
Nicole FastMichigan High SchoolClass of 1991
Tera FastMichigan High SchoolClass of 1989
Leo FeltonMichigan High SchoolClass of 1970
Tamain FieldstripMichigan High School
Willis FiferMichigan High School
Kelly FiztpatricMichigan High SchoolClass of 2002
Elizabeth FlemmingMichigan High SchoolClass of 1963
Kelli FoleyMichigan High School
Kelly FoleyMichigan High School
Jack FredricksonMichigan High School
Casey FrickMichigan High School
Kyle GermainMichigan High School
Arya GhiasvandMichigan High School
Autumn GillianMichigan High School
Nita GreenMichigan High School
Patty GreweMichigan High School
James GrimmerMichigan High SchoolClass of 1972
Lisa HageMichigan High SchoolClass of 1988
Mariha HankinsMichigan High SchoolClass of 2008
Gary HardyMichigan High School
Kerri HartMichigan High School
Brett HartleyMichigan High School
Katelynn HayesMichigan High SchoolClass of 2010
Don HerrMichigan High School
Donald HerrMichigan High SchoolClass of 1963
Kay HinksonMichigan High School
Susan HirschMichigan High School
Ryan HodgeMichigan High School
Donna HofferMichigan High SchoolClass of 1976
Jennifer HollandMichigan High School
Richard HoltMichigan High School
Sheila HooserMichigan High School
Dave HostedMichigan High School
Howard HoyleMichigan High School
Elezibeth HurleyMichigan High School
Bruce HutchinsonMichigan High SchoolClass of 1970
Troy HutchisonMichigan High SchoolClass of 1980
Robert InglesMichigan High School
Pauline IngramMichigan High School
Ashlie JohnsonMichigan High SchoolClass of 2009
Sean JohnsonMichigan High SchoolClass of 2010
Rebecca JonesMichigan High School
Cheryl KaminskyMichigan High School
Muqdam KathemMichigan High School
Aphia KaufmanMichigan High School
Rachel KaufmanMichigan High School
Johnson KerryMichigan High School
Gregg KewayMichigan High SchoolClass of 2004
Robert KingMichigan High School
Dave KirkMichigan High SchoolClass of 1978
Henrietta KnakeMichigan High SchoolClass of 1949
Mike KollinMichigan High School
Kim KosobudMichigan High SchoolClass of 1975
Monica KurdzielMichigan High School
Antoinett LacyMichigan High School
Mary LambMichigan High SchoolClass of 1956
DAnne LarsonMichigan High School
Mary LeavyMichigan High SchoolClass of 1971
Cynthia LeinbachMichigan High School
Tracey LennoxMichigan High School
Zhuo LiMichigan High School
Mark LiegghioMichigan High SchoolClass of 1977
Cynthia LienbachMichigan High SchoolClass of 1957
Mary LindseyMichigan High School
Tina LockeryMichigan High School
Diane LoeMichigan High SchoolClass of 1968
Jose LopezMichigan High School
Pam LottridgeMichigan High School
April LoweMichigan High School
Nick MailhotMichigan High School
Sole MaryMichigan High SchoolClass of 1969
Aphia MasonMichigan High School
Robert MatlockMichigan High SchoolClass of 1968
Michael MatthewMichigan High School
Robert MccannMichigan High School
Kelli MchughMichigan High School
Lamar MclemoreMichigan High SchoolClass of 1996
Daniel MillerMichigan High School
Kathy MillerMichigan High School
Mchelle MoellerMichigan High School
Tom MolMichigan High SchoolClass of 1967
Nancy MoranMichigan High School
Haley NalettMichigan High School
Cj NameMichigan High SchoolClass of 2010
Brad NelliganMichigan High School
Pam NethersMichigan High School
Clarence NewtonMichigan High School
Glen OrwickMichigan High School
Glenn OrwickMichigan High SchoolClass of 1985
Lisa OsburnMichigan High School
Tamara OstinMichigan High School
Janice OudingMichigan High School
Nicholas PalmeriMichigan High School
Charlie PeckMichigan High School
Kelli PenceMichigan High School
Gerald PeppleMichigan High SchoolClass of 1967
Lorie PetersonMichigan High School
Lars PetzkeMichigan High SchoolClass of 1999
Hugh PlunkettMichigan High School
Kathy PointerMichigan High SchoolClass of 1966
Cindy PorrittMichigan High School
David PowellMichigan High School
Laura PowellMichigan High School
Christopher PriebeMichigan High School
Terri PrifitMichigan High School
Terri ProfitMichigan High School
Barbara PungMichigan High SchoolClass of 1971
Adam PurnellMichigan High School

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Approximately 0 of residents in Michigan (7%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Michigan residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.