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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Elizabeth AbrahamsonShelby High School
Jaquala AdamsShelby High School
Kathrine AmiconeShelby High School
Danna AyersShelby High SchoolClass of 1980
Anne BaileyShelby High School
Tadji BakerShelby High School
Tracey BarnesShelby High School
James BarrShelby High School
Maria BeamShelby High School
Keith BennettShelby High SchoolClass of 1981
Rachelle BensonShelby High SchoolClass of 2004
Ashley BlairShelby High School
Laura BlevinsShelby High School
Laura BorgeltShelby High School
Kathy BowenShelby High School
Shelby BranchShelby High SchoolClass of 1975
Josey BranhamShelby High School
Camil BrewtonShelby High School
Billy BridgesShelby High School
Brenda BrownShelby High SchoolClass of 1990
Michelle BrownShelby High School
Amy ClarkShelby High School
Josh ClarkShelby High School
Kimberly ClarkShelby High School
Jim ColemanShelby High SchoolClass of 1960
Keith CoonShelby High School
Heather CorlewShelby High School
Robert CramblitShelby High School
Nicole CullenShelby High SchoolClass of 1996
Thomas DaleyShelby High School
Amy DavisShelby High School
Neil DenisonShelby High School
Michael DonovanShelby High SchoolClass of 1974
Shawn DowdsShelby High School
Jacob DunnShelby High School
Kelly EdwardsShelby High School
Everette EllisShelby High School
Torres EnglandShelby High School
Jason FischerShelby High SchoolClass of 2000
Kyle FlecshShelby High SchoolClass of 1994
Jessica FraleyShelby High School
Christie GainesShelby High School
Dean GarverShelby High School
Eric GeranskiShelby High School
Nikki GilletteShelby High School
Mary GistShelby High SchoolClass of 1975
Juanita GreenShelby High School
Charles GregoryShelby High School
Penny GrimageShelby High School
Crystal HaasShelby High SchoolClass of 2008
Jessica HalfordShelby High SchoolClass of 1970
Jessica HallfordShelby High SchoolClass of 1969
James HaworthShelby High School
Brynn HooverShelby High SchoolClass of 2011
Barry HopperShelby High School
Britany HuffmanShelby High School
Tiffany HummellShelby High School
Summer JamesShelby High School
Nichole JansenShelby High SchoolClass of 2000
Julius KeeShelby High School
April KegleyShelby High School
Terri KlepperShelby High School
Scott KluthShelby High School
Laura KnickenbacherShelby High SchoolClass of 1966
Jeri LittlejoohnShelby High SchoolClass of 1984
Donald LondonShelby High School
Jamie LoweryShelby High School
Chris MacentoshShelby High School
Wesley MahonShelby High School
Trevor MaldaShelby High School
Gyla MarmontShelby High School
Pauline MarshShelby High SchoolClass of 1970
April MartinShelby High School
Julie MasonShelby High School
Joan McswainShelby High School
James McwilliamsShelby High School
John MendenhallShelby High SchoolClass of 1980
Thomas MinnehanShelby High SchoolClass of 1956
Greg MitchellShelby High School
Sara MorrisShelby High School
Trent NeeleyShelby High School
Dwight NelsonShelby High SchoolClass of 1974
Jackie NelsonShelby High SchoolClass of 1977
Eric OddenShelby High SchoolClass of 1979
Jeff OlsenShelby High SchoolClass of 1977
Randy OrrShelby High School
Joan ParsellShelby High SchoolClass of 1980
Roger PhillipsShelby High School
Shelly PikeShelby High School
Mica PooleShelby High School
Jai PruetShelby High SchoolClass of 2004
Jackie PulliamShelby High SchoolClass of 1975
Ronald RalphShelby High School
Larry RaperShelby High School
Becky ReyesShelby High SchoolClass of 1980
Gary RoShelby High SchoolClass of 1974
Rachel RodriguezShelby High School
Johnanthan RogersShelby High School
Jonathan RogersShelby High School
Kurt SchillingShelby High School
Tyson SchillingShelby High SchoolClass of 1996
Brian ShufordShelby High School
Harley SkjervemShelby High SchoolClass of 1971
Kelly SlocumShelby High School
Gordon SmedsrudShelby High SchoolClass of 1974
Joy SmithShelby High SchoolClass of 1971
Lori SmithShelby High School
Luke SmithShelby High School
Justin SpringerShelby High School
Devonte StevensonShelby High School
Joan StewartShelby High SchoolClass of 1980
Chris TannerShelby High School
Karin TorgersonShelby High SchoolClass of 1994
Paul UnderdahlShelby High School
Loralee UnderdalShelby High School
Brandon VanDuynShelby High School
Julie VasseyShelby High School
Tabi VossShelby High School
Jonathan WagnerShelby High School
Robin WankenShelby High School
Nancy WellsShelby High SchoolClass of 1981
Amy WhitakerShelby High School
Don WhitworthShelby High School
Albert WillisShelby High School
Latoy WittmusShelby High School
Maria YeagerShelby High School
Patrick YeagerShelby High School
Todd YoungShelby High School

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The listing of alumni from Shelby, MT includes over 120 graduates from 1 school. To filter results, select a Shelby, MT high school using the links to the right. The Shelby alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Shelby around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Oilmont, MT, Valier, MT, or Conrad, MT.

Approximately 200 of residents in Shelby (7%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Shelby residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.