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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Douglas AckleyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1968
Julie AndersonFoxcroft Academy
Eric AnnisFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1970
Alex AtkinsonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1985
Gary BagleyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1953
Randall BarbeeFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1991
Christopher BarlettFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2010
Shaun BeaudryFoxcroft Academy
Corey BeaulieuDover Foxcroft High School
Corey BeaulieuFoxcroft Academy
Kara BellFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2000
Randy BentFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1980
Carl BickfordFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1988
Sally BickmoreFoxcroft Academy
Robert BradfordFoxcroft Academy
Linda BrannFoxcroft Academy
Brenda BrownFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1980
Heather BubbFoxcroft Academy
Roxanne BurtchellDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1973
Melissa ByamFoxcroft Academy
Jessica BynamFoxcroft Academy
Virginia CannonDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1966
Jenny ChambersFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2001
Mellissa ChambersFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1990
Carolyn ChaseFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1981
Harold ChaseFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1982
Peter ChaseFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1980
Roxanne ChaseFoxcroft Academy
Croan ChuckFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1993
Dana ClarkDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1959
Dianna ClarkFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1954
David ClementDover Foxcroft High School
Nadine CobbFoxcroft Academy
Sandra CobbFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1976
Rebecca ColbryFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1974
Vikki ConnersFoxcroft Academy
Larry CooksonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1958
Desmond CoyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1941
Donald CynewskiFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1979
McTintosh DeannaFoxcroft Academy
Lee DeweyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1976
Margaret DowFoxcroft Academy
Wayne EmersonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1953
Andrea EngelDover Foxcroft High School
Rhonda EnglishFoxcroft Academy
Ethel FairbrotherFoxcroft Academy
Vivian FarrFoxcroft Academy
Carroll FisherFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1940
Sherree FoggFoxcroft Academy
Lance ForrestFoxcroft Academy
Chad FossFoxcroft Academy
Mike FossFoxcroft Academy
Tiffany FowlesFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1975
Sue FreemanFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1975
Mike FreeseFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2004
Ryan FurrisDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 2006
Terrance GallantFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1961
Becky GilmoreFoxcroft Academy
Kimberly GilmoreFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1976
Jan GoodwinFoxcroft Academy
Karen GrantFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1981
Gladys GreenDover Foxcroft High School
Gladys GreenFoxcroft Academy
Kendra HallFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1999
Lori HallFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1985
Jessica HarringtonFoxcroft Academy
Sidney HarrisFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1992
Margarite HarrperFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1990
Joshua HarveyDover Foxcroft High School
Mary HarveyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1960
Richard HattFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1975
Fred HayesFoxcroft Academy
Julie HerrickFoxcroft Academy
Dennis HeskettDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1959
Juli HuberdaultFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1999
Peter IngrahamFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1980
Elmer InmanFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1944
Cassandra JinxedFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2010
Shelly JohnsonFoxcroft Academy
Patricia KimballFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1967
Theresa KingFoxcroft Academy
Butch KinneyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1984
Mary LaddFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1972
Janet LamereDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1985
Mara LaryDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1992
Alia LevasseurFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1994
Ranee LewisFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1986
Kelly LougeeFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2004
Betsy MacomberFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1960
Kathy MacomberFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1974
Fred MaddocksFoxcroft Academy
Victoria MadiganFoxcroft Academy
John MarshallFoxcroft Academy
Ronald MarshallFoxcroft Academy
Dustin MaynardDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 2012
Tim MazzeoFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2004
Kathy MccarthyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1972
Amy McCulloughFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1985
Amanda MckusickFoxcroft Academy
Miranda MckusickFoxcroft Academy
John McloudFoxcroft Academy
Mike McvettyFoxcroft Academy
Derick MerrillFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2001
Becky MichaudDover Foxcroft High School
Robin MillerFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1976
David MitchellFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1973
Jim MorrisFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1979
Jessica NadeauFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2002
Linda NicholasFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1975
Heather ObrianFoxcroft Academy
Anna PareFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1978
Lawerance ParidisFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1955
Richard ParsonsFoxcroft Academy
Irving PattersonFoxcroft Academy
Virginia PattersonFoxcroft Academy
Easton PeterFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1975
Donald PhillipsFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1967
Micheal PickeringFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1996
Sheila PierreFoxcroft Academy
Christopher PinaFoxcroft Academy
Chad PollandFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1988
Joseph RamosFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1980
Jason RaymondFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1997
Pam RaymondFoxcroft Academy
Chip ReedFoxcroft Academy
Josh ReedFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1992
Mirna ReyesFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1987
Mirna ReyrsFoxcroft Academy
David RichardsFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1987
Elaine RobinsonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1970
Nancy RobinsonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1978
Brittany RockwellFoxcroft Academy
Becky RousselFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1996
Beverly RuksznisFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1965
David RuksznisFoxcroft Academy
Hilary RyderFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1985
Emily SaundersFoxcroft Academy
Veronica SaundersFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2005
Brian SewallDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1976
Derek ShoreyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2000
Joe ShoreyDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1998
Sally ShoreyFoxcroft Academy
David SimmonsFoxcroft Academy
Violet SimpsonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1970
Donnie SmartFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1992
Jean SmartFoxcroft Academy
Alan SmithFoxcroft Academy
Amy SmithFoxcroft Academy
Dan SmithFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1976
Debbie SmithFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1982
Douglas SmithFoxcroft Academy
Sharon SmithFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1983
Susan SmithDover Foxcroft High School
Wayne SmithFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1964
Samantha SnyderFoxcroft Academy
Karry StevensFoxcroft Academy
Lea StevensFoxcroft Academy
Ryan StithamDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 2001
Sean SullivanFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1988
Danielle SuomiFoxcroft Academy
Bethany SuttonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2004
Richard SweetserDover Foxcroft High School
Richard SweetserFoxcroft Academy
Victoria TeachoutFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1972
Martha ThomasFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1968
Molly TibbetsFoxcroft Academy
Daniel TiltonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1992
Sandie TuckerFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1994
Sandy TuckerFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1994
Nancy TurnerDover Foxcroft High SchoolClass of 1962
Nancy TurnerFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1963
Eric VainioFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1972
Christine VillioneFoxcroft Academy
Robert WagnerFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1996
Kim WardFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1986
Susan WilliamsonFoxcroft AcademyClass of 1978
Emily WinsleyFoxcroft AcademyClass of 2005
Glen WoodsFoxcroft Academy

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The listing of alumni from Dover Foxcroft, ME includes over 170 graduates from 2 schools. To filter results, select a Dover Foxcroft, ME high school using the links to the right. The Dover Foxcroft alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Dover Foxcroft around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Guilford, ME, Charleston, ME, or Dexter, ME.

Approximately 200 of residents in Dover Foxcroft (8%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Dover Foxcroft residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.