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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Rodney AdamsTakoma AcademyClass of 1982
Evelyn AguilarTakoma Academy
Michael AllenTakoma Academy
Pat AltizerTakoma AcademyClass of 1967
Prince AnbiahTakoma AcademyClass of 2003
Cynthia AndersonTakoma AcademyClass of 1967
Marcelo AnunciatoTakoma AcademyClass of 1983
Jeanette AppelTakoma AcademyClass of 1977
Natalie ArnoldTakoma AcademyClass of 1978
Renee BattagliniOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1965
Fred BeavonTakoma Academy
Laura BennTakoma Academy
Larry BetaTakoma AcademyClass of 1971
Paul BradyOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1982
Eumala BrathwaiteTakoma AcademyClass of 2003
Annette BrignerTakoma AcademyClass of 1977
Patricia BrownTakoma Academy
Sally BundeTakoma AcademyClass of 1964
Eljaylin BurtTakoma Academy
Wendi CalbiTakoma Academy
Chris CawthorneTakoma Academy
Christopher CawthorneTakoma Academy
John CermakTakoma AcademyClass of 1976
Patricia CermakTakoma AcademyClass of 1975
Mary ChanningOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1966
Julio CharlesTakoma Academy
Rehka ChedalavadaTakoma AcademyClass of 1982
Yvette ChevalierTakoma AcademyClass of 1980
Reyna ChicasTakoma AcademyClass of 1981
Stephanie CinaOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1967
Douglas CoffmanTakoma AcademyClass of 1978
Christopher ColemanTakoma Academy
Debbie CoonTakoma AcademyClass of 1982
Carolyn CrandallTakoma AcademyClass of 1959
Kara CromwellTakoma Academy
Elvita DavidTakoma Academy
Candy DavisTakoma Academy
Christine DavisTakoma AcademyClass of 1991
Jarra DavisTakoma AcademyClass of 2002
Mary DorrOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1964
Jenniffer EvansTakoma AcademyClass of 1983
Nicky FeraOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1966
David FosterOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1961
Geri FullerTakoma AcademyClass of 1971
Lorianne GorisTakoma Academy
Bonnie GrooverTakoma Academy
Marshall GrooverTakoma Academy
Floyd HayesTakoma Academy
Edward HenkelTakoma AcademyClass of 1963
Josh HinesTakoma Academy
Linda HinesTakoma Academy
Mark HodgesTakoma AcademyClass of 1972
Gabriel HughesTakoma Academy
Robert JacksonTakoma AcademyClass of 1955
Talayah JenningsTakoma AcademyClass of 2007
Laurie JohnsonTakoma AcademyClass of 1987
Glenn JonesTakoma AcademyClass of 1960
Perri JonesTakoma AcademyClass of 1983
Sharon JonesTakoma Academy
Veronica JonesTakoma Academy
Jenelle JosephTakoma Academy
Michael KleinTakoma AcademyClass of 1988
Larry LaneTakoma AcademyClass of 1986
Teresa LannonOur Lady Of Sorrows
Leanne LaytonTakoma AcademyClass of 1967
Kevin LinzowTakoma Academy
Nancye LitchfieldTakoma Academy
Kenny LoganTakoma AcademyClass of 1975
Edwin MackTakoma AcademyClass of 1996
Chuck MalinTakoma AcademyClass of 1978
Donald ManigoldTakoma AcademyClass of 1949
James MartinTakoma AcademyClass of 1981
John MauerTakoma Academy
Melva McBrideTakoma Academy
Henry MccalvainOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1983
John McclanahanOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1968
Mary MessengerTakoma AcademyClass of 1987
Linda MeyersTakoma AcademyClass of 1965
Robin MillerTakoma Academy
Tanya MugandaTakoma AcademyClass of 2000
Mark MurdockTakoma AcademyClass of 2003
Hugh MurrayTakoma Academy
Mike MurrayTakoma Academy
Kim NevittTakoma Academy
Robert NevittTakoma Academy
Teresa NicholsonTakoma Academy
Ian NilesTakoma AcademyClass of 1986
Cheryl NollTakoma AcademyClass of 1967
Lewis NorwoodTakoma Academy
Donald OliverTakoma AcademyClass of 1973
Oscar PadillaOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1995
John ParrishTakoma AcademyClass of 1966
Joelle PattonTakoma AcademyClass of 1987
Julieanne PeekeTakoma Academy
Pedro PerezTakoma AcademyClass of 1995
Jennifer PeterTakoma Academy
Jenny PeterTakoma Academy
Robert PetersonTakoma AcademyClass of 1966
Bryan PikardTakoma Academy
Carrie PotterTakoma AcademyClass of 1980
Sharon PurdyTakoma Academy
Steve RobbinsTakoma AcademyClass of 1972
Rulaine RobinsonTakoma AcademyClass of 1965
Jenelle RogersTakoma Academy
Sarah RogersTakoma AcademyClass of 1976
Alberta RoyeTakoma Academy
Brittney RoyeTakoma Academy
Heather RubyTakoma Academy
Cynthia SchrafOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1960
Everett ScogginsTakoma AcademyClass of 1947
John SeekOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1965
Delight SmithTakoma AcademyClass of 1974
Richard SmithTakoma AcademyClass of 1977
Sara SmithTakoma AcademyClass of 1981
Vincent SmithTakoma AcademyClass of 1994
Doug SnowdenTakoma AcademyClass of 1972
Richard SpindlerTakoma AcademyClass of 1971
Judy SprecherTakoma AcademyClass of 1968
Cynthia StarrTakoma AcademyClass of 1976
Dlynn StoerTakoma AcademyClass of 1983
Darice StoherTakoma AcademyClass of 1976
Timothy SullivanTakoma AcademyClass of 1969
Glen SwanTakoma AcademyClass of 1974
Shirley SwinsonTakoma Academy
Elain TarrTakoma AcademyClass of 1953
Shelia TattrieTakoma Academy
Stephanie ThomasTakoma AcademyClass of 1999
Landis ValeriaTakoma Academy
Landis ValerieTakoma AcademyClass of 1969
Landis ValeryTakoma Academy
Michael VincentOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1948
Sandra WagnerTakoma AcademyClass of 1971
Sandy WagnerTakoma AcademyClass of 1971
Debra WalkerTakoma AcademyClass of 1980
Dennis WebsterTakoma AcademyClass of 1961
Vicki WelkerTakoma AcademyClass of 1983
Terri WhisonantOur Lady Of SorrowsClass of 1982
Matthew WhiteTakoma Academy
Reggie WhiteTakoma AcademyClass of 1965
Robert WhiteTakoma AcademyClass of 1979
Cheryl WilliamsTakoma Academy
Ron WilliamsTakoma AcademyClass of 1967
Jeanette WilsonTakoma Academy
Ted WilsonTakoma AcademyClass of 1968
Don WoodsTakoma AcademyClass of 1975
Ray ZimmermanTakoma AcademyClass of 1964

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The listing of alumni from Takoma Park, MD includes over 140 graduates from 2 schools. To filter results, select a Takoma Park, MD high school using the links to the right. The Takoma Park alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Takoma Park around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Silver Spring, MD, College Park, MD, or Mount Rainier, MD.

Approximately 1,000 of residents in Takoma Park (6%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Takoma Park residents (3%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.