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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Shawn DurandElmwood High School
Melanie DurstoSturgeon Creek Collegiate School
Melanie DurstoNSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Richard DutchyshenGeneral Wolfe Jr High School
Angela DutkaGeneral Wolfe Jr High School
Ben DvoracekVictor H L Wyatt SchoolClass of 1988
Betty DvorskiElmwood High SchoolClass of 1977
Pat DwyerChurchill High SchoolClass of 1975
Allen DyckWestwood Collegiate School
Ashley DyckWestgate Mennonite CollegiateClass of 2003
George DyckFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1973
Helen DyckWestgate Mennonite CollegiateClass of 1967
Henni DyckRiver East Collegiate School
Melanie DyckMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Wendy DyckFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Donna DyerSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1960
Sherri DykeOak Park Senior High SchoolClass of 2001
Carolyn DymaSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1982
Bill DynkavitchMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Glenoria DziedzicElmwood High School
Wade DziedzicElmwood High School
Ted DzoganOak Park Senior High SchoolClass of 1995
Debbie EastJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Randy EastJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Shelley EastSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Susan EastJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Deb EcclesFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1971
Sharon EcclesMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1961
Sherry EdmondR B Russell Vocational SchoolClass of 1986
Diane EdsonWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1969
John EdwardsChurchill High SchoolClass of 2002
Marnie EdwardsMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1991
Kim EiglerGlenwood SchoolClass of 1998
Caitlin EinarsonGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 2003
Caitlyn EinarsonGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 2003
Cathy EklandWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Dan EkoskyAndrew Mynarski Jr High SchoolClass of 1985
Cheryl EliasMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1987
Bradley ElisingerElmwood High School
Bob EllettElmwood High SchoolClass of 1967
Robert EllettElmwood High SchoolClass of 1966
Gordon ElliottMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1969
Tara ElliottGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1987
Jason ElwoodJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 1992
Gillian EmberleyMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1979
Kanu EmeruwaWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
George EmeryChurchill High School
Ronnie EmesWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1999
Jean EndersbySt Johns High SchoolClass of 1969
Zachary EndicotElmwood High School
Lauren EnfieldGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1997
Robert EngIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1960
Cheryl EngelKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1980
Donna EnglefieldGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1981
Angus EnglishSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1979
Ken EnglishGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1960
Andrew EnnsChurchill High SchoolClass of 1985
Brian EnnsSalisbury Morse Place SchoolClass of 2003
Rick EnnsGeneral Wolfe Jr High SchoolClass of 1968
Stephanie EnnsChurchill High School
Susan EnnsFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1993
Evelyn EnquistMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Maria EnrightGrant Park High School
Peter EnrightGrant Park High School
Andrea EppMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1998
Susan EppRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1973
Robert EpsteinWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1959
Susan ErdelyiKelvin High SchoolClass of 1977
Suzanne ErdelyiKelvin High SchoolClass of 1976
Carrie EricksonMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1987
Chris EricksonBalmoral Hall School
Sia ErlendsonElmwood High SchoolClass of 1992
Leslie ErvickNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1973
Fidel EscotoFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1991
Susan EsiqueTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Edward EspinoAndrew Mynarski Jr High School
Tammy EsseryJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1987
Joyce EvansGeneral Byng School
Ryan EvansChurchill High SchoolClass of 1992
Adela EvanyshynRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Melissa EveraertSalisbury Morse Place SchoolClass of 1999
Linden EverettGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1966
Irene EvertonSt Boniface Diocesan High SchoolClass of 1969
Karen EvertonElmwood High School
Charlene EwanRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Shaunna EwertJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1987
Leonard EwonchukElmwood High School
Dan FaSt Boniface Diocesan High SchoolClass of 2000
Jeannette FabbroMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Fran FabriChurchill High School
Karen FallisGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1980
Joe FalvoTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Joefalvo FalvoTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Mila FariaLaureate AcademyClass of 2010
Ray FarrWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1992
Melissa FarrellKildonan East CollegiateClass of 2003
Keith FarringtonChurchill High SchoolClass of 1979
Marlies FastWestgate Mennonite CollegiateClass of 1972
Randy FastFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1990
Remie FaubereGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 2009
Emily FaulkWindsor Park Collegiate School
Dana FaulknerDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1987
Lisa FearMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Lisa FedickDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1990
Bruce FedykElmwood High School
Malina FeeleyShaftesbury High SchoolClass of 1984
Derek FeeneyMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Cathy FeherWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Christine FehlauerSt Johns High SchoolClass of 1983
Angie FehrJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 1992
Brian FehrElmwood High SchoolClass of 1992
Jaqueline FehrFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 2014
Olga FeixovaSisler High SchoolClass of 1975
Jennifer FennGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1985
Patrick FennKildonan East Collegiate
Robert FentonGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1966
Amanda FergusonSisler High SchoolClass of 1996
Darcy FergusonMurdoch Mackay Collegiate School
Jim FergusonDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1977
Paul FergusonGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1973
Mindy FerlandDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 2004
Ritchie FernandazElmwood High School
Ritchie FernandesElmwood High School
Renzo FerrittoDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1991
Jennifer FieberGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1992
Samantha FielWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 2010
Mary FieldhouseVincent Massey Collegiate SchoolClass of 1975
Daniel FieldingElmwood High School
Cliff FieldsMurdoch Mackay Collegiate School
Joseph FietzGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1999
Valerie FifeTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1975
Elizabeth FigueiredoMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
Evelyn FilbertWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1986
Darryl FilionSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
Jessie FillmoreSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 2001
Jennifer FinateriMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 2002
Karen FinglerChurchill High SchoolClass of 1977
Isabelle FinkenCollege Louis Riel
Melanie FinkenCollege Louis RielClass of 2005
Clyde FinlayMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Susan FischerSisler High School
Chris FisherFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1994
Clay FisherSisler High SchoolClass of 1983
Derrick FisherGrant Park High SchoolClass of 2006
Holly FisherSisler High SchoolClass of 1979
Kayla FisherCollege BeliveauClass of 2000
Chrystie FitchnerChurchill High School
Linda FitelovitchGarden City Collegiate WestClass of 1972
Donna FitzpatrickKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1980
Laverne FlakeFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Bob FlemingFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Jennifer FlemingVincent Massey Collegiate SchoolClass of 1970
Ryan FlemingJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 2000
Abe FlemmingJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
John FletcherAcadia Junior High SchoolClass of 1977
Rikki FletcherMiles Macdonell Collegiate School
Fairwind FlettIsaac Newton Jr High SchoolClass of 1997
Val FleuryElmwood High School
Roxanna FloresFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 2004
Judith FlyeDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1957
Kyle FlynnMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 2006
Bruce FoesythMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Jeff FolbertKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1992
Darren FoleyGlenlawn Collegiate Institute
Keith FolkeSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Dave FolletteSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1985
Isaac FonsecaGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1992
Sonia FontesDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1991
Lynne ForanSt Marys AcademyClass of 1956
Neil ForanKelvin High School
Beverly ForbesElmwood High SchoolClass of 1976
Dan ForbesTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Danny ForbesTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Elain ForbesElmwood High SchoolClass of 1977
Catherine ForceseSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1971
Tara FordyceElmwood High SchoolClass of 1990
Opal ForemanChurchill High School
Valerie ForestGordon Bell High SchoolClass of 1972
Bill ForrestGrant Park High School
Sharon ForsterSisler High SchoolClass of 1981
Bruce ForsythMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Chantal FortierCharleswood Junior High School
Gisele FortierCollege Louis RielClass of 1978
Lynn FortinJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
John FosnessKelvin High SchoolClass of 1940
Debbie FosterChurchill High School
George FosterIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1946
Helmut FosterElmwood High SchoolClass of 1990
Mike FosterKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1982
Shelly FosterIsaac Brock Elem Jr High School
Shiela FosterTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Verna FosterTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Frank FowlerHugh John Macdonald Jr High SchoolClass of 1971
Tim FowlerElmwood High SchoolClass of 1978
Brenda FoxElmwood High SchoolClass of 1996
Darlene FoyWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Lori FrailickSturgeon Creek Collegiate School
Lori FraillicSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1991
Lori FraillickSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1990
Laura FrancisShaftesbury High SchoolClass of 1987
Bill FranckHugh John Macdonald Jr High SchoolClass of 1968
William FranckHugh John Macdonald Jr High SchoolClass of 1969
Peter FrankfurtElmwood High SchoolClass of 1976
Bill FransooCollege Louis RielClass of 1972
Bill FraserElmwood High SchoolClass of 1965
Colin FraserElmwood High SchoolClass of 2006
Janice FraserFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Ken FraserElmwood High SchoolClass of 1992
Marc FraserMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 2008
Susan FraserNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Tom FraserMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
Andrew FrazerMurdoch Mackay Collegiate School
Zdenka FrederickArthur A Leach Junior High School
Elizabeth FredericksonDaniel Mcintyre High School
Michele FredetteDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1982
Joe FreeRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1985
Winona FreisenSalisbury Morse Place School
John FreitasTechnical-vocational High SchoolClass of 1982
Eileen FrenchNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1970
Joyce FrenchSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1968
Jodi FrickerElmwood High School
Angela FriesenJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Brenda FriesenRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1986
Delma FriesenElmwood High SchoolClass of 1971
Glenys FriesenChurchill High SchoolClass of 1965
Jacob FriesenIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1963
Paul FriesenKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1990
Wendy FriesenWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1994
Doug FrobisherSisler High School
Brad FroehlichSt Johns High SchoolClass of 1983
Ken FRoelechDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1981
Judy FroggattWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1963
Mirek FrolekAndrew Mynarski Jr High SchoolClass of 1983
Karen FromanGrant Park High School
Mary FroodGeneral Wolfe Jr High SchoolClass of 1957
Embree FryIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1942
Lok FungNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1990
James FunkDakota Collegiate Institute
Karen FunkKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1986
Wilfred FunkKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1978
Greg FunnellSalisbury Morse Place SchoolClass of 1981
Paul FuredyDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1978
Anna FurtadoGeneral Wolfe Jr High SchoolClass of 1975
Ken FurukawaElmwood High SchoolClass of 1977
Dave FurutaniDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1977
Janine FusseyTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1993
Andrew FyfeGlenlawn Collegiate Institute
Darrin GabelChurchill High SchoolClass of 1988
Paulette GableChurchill High SchoolClass of 1984

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