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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Chantal BeaudryGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 2002
Isabelle BeaudryCollege Louis RielClass of 1968
Matthew BeckKildonan East CollegiateClass of 2004
Blair BeckmanWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1985
Leggett BeckyElmwood High SchoolClass of 1973
Brian BednarGarden City Collegiate West
Gail BedoskyDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1989
Sharron BeerElmwood High SchoolClass of 1969
Beverly BeermanDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1953
Andy BehrensWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Dawn BelangerMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1969
Richard BelangerWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 2003
Carlos BelchiorDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1987
Derek BelinskyGrant Park High SchoolClass of 2001
Brian BellCecil Rhodes School
Bruce BellMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1960
Justin BellRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Justyn BellChurchill High SchoolClass of 2010
Kim BellCecil Rhodes SchoolClass of 1984
Mavis BellElmwood High SchoolClass of 1958
Tim BellElmwood High School
Lori BellaElmwood High SchoolClass of 2003
Earl BelogWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Emma BeluCharleswood Junior High SchoolClass of 2002
Tim BembenicMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Sophie BenderCollege Louis Riel
Bryan BenderaElmwood High School
Lorry BenderaElmwood High SchoolClass of 1970
Howard BenderskiElmwood High SchoolClass of 1960
Kim BenedictsonDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1992
Charlene BenetSt Johns High School
Ryan BenevidesWest Kildonan Collegiate School
Rebecca BenicWest Kildonan Collegiate School
Brad BeniontNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Shannon BeniotDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1997
Carnella BenjaminMaples Collegiate School
Dean BennettWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 2002
Deborah BennettSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1971
Frank BenoitHugh John Macdonald Jr High SchoolClass of 1967
Jim BenoitHugh John Macdonald Jr High SchoolClass of 1975
Shannon BenoitDaniel Mcintyre High School
Kim BensonMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1981
Keenan BenthamGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 2008
Marcel BerardCollege Louis RielClass of 1984
Suzanne BerardMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1987
Ligaya BercasioGordon Bell High SchoolClass of 1996
Linda BerezowskiHugh John Macdonald Jr High School
Charlene BergKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1997
Erik BergKelvin High SchoolClass of 2009
Glen BergeronSt Boniface Diocesan High School
Lynn BergeronElmwood High SchoolClass of 1982
Beverly BergmanDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1953
Mike BergmannJohn Pritchard School
Maurice BerkElmwood High SchoolClass of 1960
Barry BernhardSisler High SchoolClass of 1963
Perry BernierSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Darlene BerringerElmwood High SchoolClass of 1966
Donna BerryDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1969
Marit BertzenElmwood High SchoolClass of 1956
Leo BerubeEcole Provencher
Sloane BesantRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1988
Pat BestWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
Cheryl BesteckSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1994
Janine BesteckGeneral Byng SchoolClass of 2005
Ken BesykIsaac Newton Jr High SchoolClass of 1977
Miller BethanyKildonan East CollegiateClass of 2002
Cassandra BettlesCecil Rhodes SchoolClass of 1996
Jeanette BettofSt James Collegiate School
Mann BeverlyElmwood High SchoolClass of 1963
Michell BeverlyRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1976
Sherron BewerWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1962
James BewsElmwood High SchoolClass of 1968
Cindy BewskyMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1982
David BewskyMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1988
Philip BialkGrant Park High SchoolClass of 2001
Janine BialkowskiCollege BeliveauClass of 2004
Jodi BiasJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 2006
Crystal BickleElmwood High School
Alberto BicolGeneral Wolfe Jr High SchoolClass of 1984
Bill BieberMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1978
Justin BieberCollege Jeanne-sauve
Litz BillDaniel Mcintyre High School
Lindsay BillisDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 2000
Leslie BillowichFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1986
Jordan BilodeauWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 2011
Paul BilodeauDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 2000
Clayton BilousElmwood High SchoolClass of 1980
Diane BilousJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1993
Geraldine BirchChurchill High School
Ted BirchGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1974
Atik BirdAcadia Junior High SchoolClass of 1973
Betty BirdAcadia Junior High SchoolClass of 1972
Lois BirdChurchill High SchoolClass of 1965
Val BishoffSisler High SchoolClass of 1968
Carol BishopChurchill High SchoolClass of 1967
Cliff BishopNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Nicola BistyakJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 2013
Rob BjarnasonSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1975
Marie BjorklundArthur A Leach Junior High School
Beverly BlackIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1952
Margery BlackChurchill High SchoolClass of 1966
Marjorie BlackChurchill High School
Milton BlackIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1963
Tom BlackMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Robert BlackburnElmwood High SchoolClass of 1937
Kathy BlairGeneral Wolfe Jr High SchoolClass of 1967
Young BlairRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1971
Rob BlampyWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Mary BlaschukElmwood High School
Kathryn BlattaFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 2009
Sarah BlattaFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 2011
Regan BlixMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Jill BloombergVincent Massey Collegiate SchoolClass of 1985
Allan BloomfieldSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Eryk BloreRiver West Park School
Jacqueline BlumGarden City Collegiate WestClass of 1978
Gord BlumenscheinWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Peter BlumenscheinWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1974
Susan BlumenscheinWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1975
Leslie BoardmanSt Johns High SchoolClass of 1979
Shirley BobbieMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1967
Anne BobkoElmwood High SchoolClass of 1969
Joe BobkoElmwood High SchoolClass of 1969
Dan BockstealCollege BeliveauClass of 2003
Tibor BodiElmwood High SchoolClass of 1964
Violet BodiElmwood High SchoolClass of 1971
Jordan BodnarGarden City Collegiate WestClass of 1999
Juli BoeMinnetonka Elementary SchoolClass of 1989
Elanei BoeyChurchill High SchoolClass of 1996
Tania BogatchShaftesbury High SchoolClass of 1985
Naomi BoggsKelvin High SchoolClass of 1976
Dawn BogleBalmoral Hall SchoolClass of 1968
Nick BogovicMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1987
Adam BoguskiDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 2003
Maurice BohemierGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1972
Karl BohnGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1998
Donna BoisvertTechnical-vocational High SchoolClass of 1987
Sonia BokhariSt Norbert CollegiateClass of 1994
Bonnie BokhautWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1962
Corey BoleoMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1988
Shane BollenbachGarden City Collegiate West
Elisabeth BondChurchill High School
Walter BonillaJohn Pritchard School
Ronald BoninSt Boniface Diocesan High SchoolClass of 1974
Carmen BonniciShaftesbury High SchoolClass of 1993
Gordon BonusChurchill High SchoolClass of 1982
Tiago BoothFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 2004
Deb BootsGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1971
Tanys BorisSisler High SchoolClass of 1988
Jim BornholdtElmwood High SchoolClass of 1977
Lori BoroskaeElmwood High SchoolClass of 1993
Cori BorseChurchill High SchoolClass of 1978
Janice BostromRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1968
Lyndee BotheFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1996
William BouFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1981
Diane BoubyGeneral Wolfe Jr High SchoolClass of 1958
Cheryl BouchGrant Park High School
Greg BouchardChurchill High SchoolClass of 1988
Skylar BouchardGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 2010
Aric BoucherCecil Rhodes SchoolClass of 2011
Paul BouchukDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1996
Andrew BoudinElmwood High SchoolClass of 2000
Tarra BoudrieWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
Debbie BoughtonJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1976
Janet BoulionSturgeon Creek Collegiate School
Lorne BoundIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1967
Thomas BourbonierElmwood High SchoolClass of 1967
Kyle BourcierSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 2003
Michael BourgetCollege Jeanne-sauveClass of 2002
Paul BourgouinEcole Provencher
Cindy BoursKildonan East Collegiate
Darlene BousquetElmwood High SchoolClass of 1980
Gary BoutilierSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Nancy BovaKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1986
Debra BowdenSt Marys AcademyClass of 1979
Brittany BowenElmwood High SchoolClass of 2009
Samantha BowerdryGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1990
Brent BoweringMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1991
Joanne BowesMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1967
Valerie BowleyGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1980
Audrey BowmanChurchill High SchoolClass of 1965
James BowmanMiles Macdonell Collegiate SchoolClass of 1982
Carrie BoychukCecil Rhodes School
Marianne BoychukCecil Rhodes SchoolClass of 1971
Daivd BoydJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 1993
Cristine BoyechkoDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1995
Dave BoyechkoCecil Rhodes SchoolClass of 1978
Tamara BoyesSt James Collegiate School
Tammy BoyesSt James Collegiate School
Rick BozykRiver East Collegiate SchoolClass of 1975
Colleen BramadatJohn Taylor Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Margaret BrandIsaac Brock Elem Jr High SchoolClass of 1956
Ted BrandSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1969
Debbie BrandtKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1976
Ted BrattstonChurchill High SchoolClass of 1995
Ken BraunElmwood High SchoolClass of 1978
Gary BrayshayTranscona Collegiate School
Paula BrazierFort Richmond Collegiate SchoolClass of 1983
Marian BrckovicWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1991
Ainsley BreannaWest Kildonan Collegiate School
Walter BredinskiGordon Bell High SchoolClass of 1972
Darlene BreedNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1979
Yvonne BreitenbachElmwood High SchoolClass of 1961
Terry BrenanWest Kildonan Collegiate SchoolClass of 1955
Boughton BrendaElmwood High SchoolClass of 1978
Cindy BrenzenKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1979
Hans BreuerKelvin High SchoolClass of 1974
Allan BrewsterTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1973
Stacey BrezinaDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1996
Dale BrezinskiSt Johns High SchoolClass of 1977
Conn BrianRiver East Collegiate School
Laurie BridgesWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1971
Amy BrienenMaples Collegiate SchoolClass of 1996
Jane BriggsBalmoral Hall SchoolClass of 1969
Nancy BriggsSilver Heights Collegiate SchoolClass of 1972
Cheri BriscoeGrant Park High School
Gloria BrissetteGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1965
Norinne BroganSt Norbert CollegiateClass of 1989
Barry BrookerGrant Park High SchoolClass of 1979
Leonard BrookerWindsor Park Collegiate SchoolClass of 1972
Michael BrookerSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1981
Mike BrookerSturgeon Creek Collegiate SchoolClass of 1981
Morgan BrooksChurchill High School
Rosalie BrooksDaniel Mcintyre High SchoolClass of 1965
Sharon BroughElmwood High School
Sean BrouilletteDakota Collegiate InstituteClass of 1989
Cathy BrownWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Craig BrownChurchill High SchoolClass of 1965
Donald BrownSt James Collegiate SchoolClass of 1956
Donna BrownSisler High SchoolClass of 1982
Fern BrownGlenlawn Collegiate InstituteClass of 1963
Ian BrownElmwood High SchoolClass of 1960
Jack BrownWestwood Collegiate SchoolClass of 1977
Jesse BrownKildonan East CollegiateClass of 2003
Karon BrownNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1984
Kirshania BrownGordon Bell High SchoolClass of 2014
Mel BrownArthur A Leach Junior High SchoolClass of 1985
Trevor BrownChurchill High SchoolClass of 1986
Kelly BrozaNelson Mcintyre Collegiate SchoolClass of 1990
Bead BruKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1984
Ashley BruceTranscona Collegiate SchoolClass of 1992
Lisa BruceJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 1989
Lynne BruceGrant Park High School
Noel BruceSt Johns High SchoolClass of 1995
Michael BruenigMurdoch Mackay Collegiate SchoolClass of 1980
Joey BrunetteKildonan East CollegiateClass of 1986
Bonnie BrunnenGrant Park High School
Ma BruyereGrant Park High School
Krista BryanJ H Bruns Collegiate SchoolClass of 1998

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