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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Mark AchordNortheast High SchoolClass of 1990
Kelly AdamsNortheast High School
Suleiman AdenNortheast High School
Amanda AguilarNortheast High School
Kimberly AimackerZachary High School
Judy AlbertNortheast High School
Amber AlinbeNortheast High School
Brad AllenNortheast High SchoolClass of 1999
Johnna AllenZachary High SchoolClass of 2002
Sandra AllenZachary High SchoolClass of 1991
John AllgoodZachary High School
Justin AltazinZachary High School
Katherine AlvaradoNortheast High School
Bill AndersonZachary High SchoolClass of 1982
Erin AndersonZachary High School
Paul AndersonZachary High SchoolClass of 1982
Brooks AndrewsNortheast High School
Jessica ArdZachary High School
Charles ArmstrongZachary High SchoolClass of 2005
Dwayne ArmstrongZachary High SchoolClass of 2013
Matthew ArmwoodNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1966
Ruby ArmwoodZachary High SchoolClass of 1972
Anthony ArnoldNortheast High School
Matt ArnoldNortheast High School
Alex AvalloneZachary High SchoolClass of 2006
Stephanie BaffordNortheast High School
Andria BaileyNortheast High School
Chris BaitsZachary High School
Stacy BallardNortheast High School
Jessica BanksNortheast High School
Brenda BaptisteNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1964
Brent BarclayNortheast High School
Jacob BarkleyZachary High SchoolClass of 2008
Harry BarnesNortheast High School
Kimberly BarnesZachary High School
Sharlon BarnesZachary High School
Dean BartchNortheast High School
Jenny BashoreNortheast High School
Jason BeachNortheast High School
Dillon BeardZachary High SchoolClass of 2011
Charles BellNortheast High School
Kelly BenderNortheast High School
Ashley BenjimenNortheast High School
Joanne BenneNortheast High School
Alexis BernardNortheast High School
Stephanie BerryNortheast High SchoolClass of 1988
Robert BlancoNortheast High School
Zach BluefordNortheast High School
Michael BourgeoisZachary High SchoolClass of 2005
Danny BourgeouisZachary High SchoolClass of 1972
Rakeem BraggNortheast High School
Sandy BranhamNortheast High School
Rachel BrannonZachary High SchoolClass of 1990
Robert BrashierNortheast High SchoolClass of 2009
Brandon BrewZachary High School
Tachel BrewerZachary High School
Whitney BrewerNortheast High School
Yolonda BrinkleyNortheast High School
Ashley BrookNortheast High School
Alicia BrooksZachary High School
Taylor BrooksNortheast High School
Ma BrowNortheast High School
Charlotte BrownZachary High SchoolClass of 1968
Earnest BrownNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1966
Fabian BrownZachary High SchoolClass of 1990
Jack BrownZachary High SchoolClass of 1986
Robert BrownZachary High SchoolClass of 1989
Sarita BrownNortheast High School
Symone BrownNortheast High School
Stacey BuckNortheast High School
Robert BurletteNortheast High School
Brittany ButlerZachary High SchoolClass of 2006
Danielle ButlerZachary High School
Earl ButlerNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1966
Carrie CaignetNortheast High School
Melisa CambelNortheast High School
Christina CarreroNortheast High School
James CarrierNortheast High SchoolClass of 1997
Sandra CarrionNortheast High School
Sheshe CarterZachary High School
Vanessa CasasNortheast High School
David CatesZachary High School
Shawanda ChappellNortheast High School
Kim CiferoZachary High School
Kim CifroZachary High School
Jeremy CktZachary High SchoolClass of 1997
Tom ClancyZachary High SchoolClass of 1969
Roger ClarkZachary High SchoolClass of 1990
Parsha ColemanZachary High SchoolClass of 1973
Justin ColeyZachary High SchoolClass of 2000
Cherry CollinsNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1964
Darnell CollinsNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1979
Marceail CookZachary High SchoolClass of 1976
William CookNortheast High SchoolClass of 2012
Deondra CorneliusNortheast High School
Randy CrosbyZachary High School
Anthony DandridgeNortheast High School
Frank DarityNortheast High School
Quinton DavenportNortheast High School
Angelique DavisNortheast High School
Lakeisha DavisNortheast High School
Marion DavisNortheast High School
Rustina DavisNortheast High School
Donna DaytonZachary High SchoolClass of 1980
Macy DesautelNortheast High School
Donald DeutschNortheast High School
Bianca DiazNortheast High School
Matthew DicianciaNortheast High School
Paricia DillionNortheast High School
Jaci DorfmanNortheast High School
Margaret DuffyNortheast High SchoolClass of 1971
Faith DunfordZachary High SchoolClass of 2004
Patrick DunnNortheast High SchoolClass of 2011
Tawana EcclesNortheast High School
Gene EdwardsNortheast High School
Gene EfeaNortheast High School
Robert ElkinsNortheast High School
Kashiri EnnisZachary High SchoolClass of 2010
Dale EppsNortheast High School
Lana ErnestNortheast High School
Paulo EstudanteNortheast High School
Donna EvansNortheast High School
Dona EverrittZachary High SchoolClass of 1970
Sierra FewellNortheast High School
Ralph FinisterZachary High SchoolClass of 1962
April FisherNortheast High School
Donald FlemingZachary High SchoolClass of 1966
Marie ForresterZachary High SchoolClass of 1987
Deborah FosterNortheast High School
Stacey FosterZachary High SchoolClass of 1975
Stacy FosterZachary High School
Janet FrankNortheast High School
Christie FreemanZachary High SchoolClass of 1997
Christy FreemanZachary High SchoolClass of 1997
Mark FrostNortheast High School
Cynthia GainesNortheast High School
Vickie GareyNortheast High School
Angela GayleZachary High SchoolClass of 1993
Avrilia GeorgariouNortheast High School
Robert GeorgeNortheast High School
Kimberley GibsonNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1984
Jessica GillZachary High School
Robin GinsburgNortheast High School
Adrian GinyardZachary High School
Alicia GoinsNortheast High School
Richard GoodhartNortheast High School
Janice GorhamZachary High SchoolClass of 1979
Angelle GovanZachary High School
Latoya GraceNortheast High School
Curtis GreenZachary High SchoolClass of 2008
Terry GreenNortheast High School
Karen GreerNortheast High School
Charmaine GueNortheast High School
Michelle GuilloryZachary High School
Sydney GussmanNortheast High School
Meg HagenZachary High School
Crystal HailesZachary High School
Bonnie HaleyZachary High SchoolClass of 1974
Shawn HallNortheast High School
Ruffin HamiltonNortheast High SchoolClass of 1989
Alison HanesNortheast High School
Chip HannaNortheast High School
David HarrellZachary High School
Eric HarrellZachary High SchoolClass of 2002
Kevin HarrellZachary High School
Annie HarrisNortheast High School
Donald HarrisNortheast High School
Debbie HatfieldZachary High School
Dusty HavensZachary High School
Dennis HeebnerNortheast High School
Joseph HeincerNortheast High School
Ashley HerringtonZachary High School
Al HertzlerZachary High SchoolClass of 2003
Vickie HicksNortheast High School
Gloria HigginbothamNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1962
Racheal HightowerNortheast High School
Sarita HillNortheast High School
Kathy HivelyNortheast High School
James HoffmanNortheast High School
Jaketra HoildayZachary High School
Milton HolidayNortheast High SchoolClass of 1968
Josh HoneycuttZachary High School
Kimberly HoogeZachary High SchoolClass of 1994
Sarah HorneNortheast High SchoolClass of 1995
JoyceHorton HortonNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1967
Annie HubbardNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1958
Barbare HuggetNortheast High School
Victoria HuggettNortheast High School
Steve HurstZachary High School
Andre JacksonNortheast High School
Christopher JacksonZachary High School
Glenn JacksonNortheast High School
Jason JacksonNortheast High School
La JacksonZachary High SchoolClass of 2011
Leroy JacksonNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1966
Otis JacksonNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1970
Raymond JacksonNortheast High School
Tommy JacksonZachary High SchoolClass of 2001
Velma JacksonNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1963
Lance JamesZachary High SchoolClass of 1976
Jean JeansonneZachary High SchoolClass of 1981
Myers JennyNortheast High School
David JilesZachary High SchoolClass of 1992
Amanda JohnsonZachary High SchoolClass of 2001
Crystal JohnsonNortheast High School
Justin JohnsonNortheast High School
Nettie JohnsonNorthwestern High School
Pete JohnsonZachary High SchoolClass of 1988
Roddric JohnsonZachary High SchoolClass of 1997
Shanika JohnsonNortheast High School
Stephen JohnsonZachary High SchoolClass of 1996
Steven JohnsonNortheast High School
Adam JohnstonNortheast High School
Angela JonesZachary High SchoolClass of 1987
Chester JonesZachary High SchoolClass of 1989
Chris JonesNortheast High School
Darrius JonesNortheast High SchoolClass of 2006
Keitha JonesNortheast High School
David JudyNortheast High SchoolClass of 1985
David KaneNortheast High School
Linda KatzNortheast High School
Kateryna KebasNortheast High School
John KellyNortheast High School
Marquita KellyNortheast High School
Alissa KilgoreZachary High SchoolClass of 1998
Donna KingNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1970
Donna KingZachary High SchoolClass of 1970
Geraldine KingNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1970
Glenda KingNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1967
Dana KirbyZachary High SchoolClass of 1972
Eugenie KirbyZachary High SchoolClass of 1975
Jimmy KirbyZachary High SchoolClass of 1966
Ken KirkbribeNortheast High School
Howard KleinNortheast High School
Juanna KnightenNortheast High SchoolClass of 2000
Kris KohenaNortheast High School
Samual LamanaNortheast High School
Armando LamasNortheast High School
Lynn LamorayNortheast High School
Robert LandryZachary High SchoolClass of 1988
Mary LangstonNortheast High School
Heidi LantierZachary High School
Cortne LathersNortheast High SchoolClass of 2007
Shirley LawernceNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1957
Shirley LawremceNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1957
Shirley LawrenceNorthwestern High SchoolClass of 1956
Tim LeigeNortheast High SchoolClass of 2002
Charles LepreNortheast High School

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About Zachary, LA Alumni

The listing of alumni from Zachary, LA includes over 510 graduates from 3 schools. To filter results, select a Zachary, LA high school using the links to the right. The Zachary alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Zachary around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Baker, LA, Pride, LA, or Watson, LA.

Approximately 1,000 of residents in Zachary (9%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Zachary residents (3%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.