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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Feleciano AbadBurlington High School
Barbara AbbottBurlington High School
Br AcBurlington High SchoolClass of 1983
Kimberly AlbertsonBurlington High SchoolClass of 1985
Mark AldersonBurlington High School
Connie AllenBurlington High School
Hanna AllenBurlington High School
Tori AllenBurlington High SchoolClass of 1992
Georgette AndersonBurlington High School
Chris AndrewsBurlington High SchoolClass of 1986
Jerry AndrewsBurlington High SchoolClass of 1965
Decolegro AnthonyBurlington High School
Juan ArriagaBurlington High SchoolClass of 2001
Portia ArthurBurlington High School
Peter AsklundBurlington High School
Adam BakerBurlington High School
Carolyn BakerBurlington High School
Linda BaneyBurlington High School
Jaype BayonBurlington High School
Vernon BeckstromBurlington High SchoolClass of 1963
Nathan BeechleyBurlington High School
Michael BernheartBurlington High School
Ashley BeroBurlington High School
Don BishopBurlingtonClass of 1957
Caitlin BlasiBurlington High School
Regire BordenBurlington High School
Scott BoydBurlington High School
Shelli BrevickBurlington High School
Shannon BrownBurlington High SchoolClass of 1995
Ashely BurghartBurlington High SchoolClass of 2012
Jodi BurrisBurlington High School
Shane CampoBurlington High School
Courtney CarolBurlington High SchoolClass of 1997
Leslie CarrollBurlington High SchoolClass of 1993
Nancy CarsonBurlington High SchoolClass of 1981
Richard CaseyBurlington High School
Danny ChalfantBurlington High SchoolClass of 1952
John ChapinBurlington High SchoolClass of 1964
Daniel ChelnumBurlington High SchoolClass of 1952
Delores ChenowethBurlington High School
Isaiah ChurchwellBurlington High SchoolClass of 2010
Britney ClarkBurlington High School
Roy CourtneyBurlington High SchoolClass of 1947
John CroninBurlington High School
Billy CrouseBurlington High SchoolClass of 1984
Thomas CurranBurlington High School
Caroline CyncorBurlington High School
Jeanne DavisBurlington High SchoolClass of 1977
Jeff DavisBurlington High School
Nancy DeForestBurlington High School
John DeshotkoBurlington High SchoolClass of 1979
Mel DohertyBurlington High School
Jeff DollBurlington High SchoolClass of 1978
Jill DonnellyBurlington High School
Dianne DrosterBurlington High School
Lori DuarteBurlington High SchoolClass of 1988
Doddi DucharmeBurlington High School
Ray DunnBurlington High SchoolClass of 1948
David DurbalaBurlington High School
Debra DusenBurlington High SchoolClass of 1972
Renee EatonBurlington High SchoolClass of 1982
Tom EllsworthBurlington High SchoolClass of 1968
Blum EricBurlington High School
Rick FennellBurlington High SchoolClass of 1973
Brenda FerroBurlington High School
Lisa FerroBurlington High School
Gay FinleyBurlington High SchoolClass of 1971
Jessica FlinnBurlington High School
Linda FowlerBurlingtonClass of 1966
Linda FowlerBurlington High SchoolClass of 1966
Dorothy FrazierBurlington High School
Richard FunkhouserBurlington High School
Adam FutrellBurlington High School
Sara GagnonBurlington High School
Jimena GarciaBurlington High School
Rosie GarciaBurlington High SchoolClass of 1977
Larry GarrisonBurlington High SchoolClass of 1972
Diane GerlingBurlington High School
Vincent GogginBurlington High School
Julie GreenBurlington High School
Dean GreyBurlington High SchoolClass of 1966
Jacklyn GriebelBurlington High School
Cathy GulletBurlington High SchoolClass of 1986
Tony GuzzettaBurlington High SchoolClass of 1980
Jackie HaasBurlington High SchoolClass of 1979
Diana HanafinBurlington High School
Carla HandBurlington High School
Lori HardyBurlington High School
Amy HaseBurlingtonClass of 1992
Kevin HathawayBurlington High School
Theresa HegemannBurlington High School
Miguel HerreraBurlington High SchoolClass of 2000
Diane HewittBurlington High School
Lee HinesBurlington High SchoolClass of 1955
Marvel HinesBurlington High School
Bev HinkhouseBurlington High SchoolClass of 1975
Brandon HinkhouseBurlington High SchoolClass of 1996
Jeffery HobbsBurlington High School
Mickey HolidayBurlington High SchoolClass of 1983
Kattie HomesBurlington High School
ZuAnn HommBurlingtonClass of 1968
Pamela HoskinBurlington High SchoolClass of 1964
Andrew HowardBurlington High School
Barb HuddlestonBurlington High SchoolClass of 1984
Debbie HustinsBurlington High SchoolClass of 1983
Jasmine JamesBurlington High School
Dale JarnaginBurlington High SchoolClass of 1971
Wyn JenningsBurlington High SchoolClass of 1954
Brenner JerryBurlington High School
Megan KepanBurlington High School
Sheila KieferBurlington High SchoolClass of 1989
Connie KorbelikBurlington High SchoolClass of 1960
Dianne LandryBurlington High School
Billy LatulippeBurlington High SchoolClass of 1999
Brenda LeeBurlington High School
Liz LeeBurlington High School
Angela LikeBurlington High School
Jesus LopezBurlington High School
Lucinda LoungeBurlington High School
Kurt LucasBurlington High SchoolClass of 1980
Christopher LuceroBurlingtonClass of 2008
Brenda MaderBurlington High SchoolClass of 1988
Drew MangusBurlington High SchoolClass of 2000
Andre MarcoBurlington High School
Eric MarinaccioBurlington High School
Barbara MayhanBurlington High SchoolClass of 1959
Cynthia McPhersonBurlington High School
Scott McQuilkinBurlington High School
Kayla MeurisseBurlington High SchoolClass of 2011
Terisa MeyersBurlington High SchoolClass of 1983
Debbie MillerBurlington High SchoolClass of 1976
Kim MillerBurlington High School
Brenda MooreBurlingtonClass of 1967
Brenda MooreBurlington High SchoolClass of 1967
Joe MoralesBurlington High School
Marg MorrisBurlington High School
Jessica MossnessBurlington High School
Thomas MullisBurlington High SchoolClass of 1988
Jamie MustyBurlington High School
Lailah MutenguBurlington High School
James OchsnerBurlington High School
Stephanie OhnmachtBurlington High SchoolClass of 1995
Dolly OkeefeBurlington High School
Barbara ParkerBurlington High SchoolClass of 1972
Lynda ParrBurlington High School
John PetersBurlington High SchoolClass of 1983
Greg PetersonBurlington High SchoolClass of 2001
Keri PhillipsBurlington High SchoolClass of 1991
Jon PicketteBurlington High SchoolClass of 1989
Leslie PiersonBurlington High School
Mark PolliBurlington High School
Lucien PouliotBurlington High School
Tori PrattBurlington High School
Mike RaneyBurlington High School
Christina RathBurlington High SchoolClass of 1981
Patrick RegoBurlington High School
Casey ReidBurlington High School
Robert ReidBurlington High School
David RichardsonBurlington High School
Julie RichardsonBurlington High School
Carolyn RideoutBurlington High School
George RodriguezBurlington High SchoolClass of 1993
Tony RomoBurlington High School
James RoseBurlington High SchoolClass of 1969
Leslie RossBurlington High SchoolClass of 1979
Kerry RourkeBurlington High School
Thomas RubleBurlington High School
John RungeBurlington High SchoolClass of 1963
Richard RussellBurlington High SchoolClass of 1983
Carolyn SanchezBurlington High SchoolClass of 1977
Heidi SchneiderBurlington High School
Vince SchreivogelBurlington High SchoolClass of 1971
Ericka ScottBurlington High School
Kelly SearsBurlington High School
Sularchart SewcheonBurlington High School
Rachna ShahBurlington High SchoolClass of 2009
Sarah ShinnBurlington High SchoolClass of 2010
Lori SimpsonBurlington High SchoolClass of 1988
Kerry SleeperBurlington High School
Shown SlingerBurlingtonClass of 1988
Brian SmithBurlington High SchoolClass of 2000
Kacey SmithBurlington High SchoolClass of 1993
Louise StantonBurlington High School
Ray StevensBurlington High SchoolClass of 1966
Tyler SuttonBurlington High SchoolClass of 2000
Jessica TakeBurlington High SchoolClass of 2010
Ken TalaroBurlington High School
Bailey TillitsonBurlington High SchoolClass of 2012
Chris TottsBurlington High School
Joe TrevinoBurlington High SchoolClass of 1981
Nathan TurnerBurlington High SchoolClass of 1986
Ashley VerbickyBurlington High School
Robert WaldroupBurlington High School
Dave WalterBurlington High School
David WaltersBurlington High SchoolClass of 1986
Karen WeberBurlington High SchoolClass of 1995
Diane WellsBurlington High SchoolClass of 1981
Patrick WelshBurlington High School
April WeyermanBurlington High School
Karry WhiteBurlington High School
Charlene WhitmoreBurlington High SchoolClass of 1959
Ashley WilsonBurlington High School
Curt WilsonBurlington High School
Cheyne WinslowBurlington High SchoolClass of 1998
Jennifer WrightBurlington High SchoolClass of 1977

About Burlington, CO Alumni

The listing of alumni from Burlington, CO includes over 240 graduates from 2 schools. To filter results, select a Burlington, CO high school using the links to the right. The Burlington alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Burlington around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Bethune, CO, Kanorado, KS, or Stratton, CO.

Approximately 200 of residents in Burlington (6%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Burlington residents (2%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.