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NameHigh SchoolGrad Year
Carol LarsenMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1973
Joe LarsenMiddletown High School
Peter LealMiddletown High School
Michelle LearyMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1984
Kevin LehmanMiddletown High School
Wendy LeithMiddletown High School
Dawn LeonardMiddletown High School
John LevinMiddletown High School
James LewisMiddletown High School
Nathan LewisMiddletown High School
Sarah LewkowitzMiddletown High School
David LindonMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1985
Tammy LindonMiddletown High School
Amber LongMiddletown High School
Heidi LongMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1978
Paula LongMiddletown High School
Claudia LopezMiddletown High School
Brenda LoudermilkMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1979
John LoudermilkMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1969
Robert LoudermilkMiddletown High School
Mike LylesMiddletown High School
Abby LynagerMiddletown High School
Kent MagayMiddletown High School
MatT MainMiddletown High School
Ellen MaloneyMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1983
Shannon ManesMiddletown High School
Deena MannMiddletown High School
Jim MannMiddletown High School
Eric ManningMiddletown High School
Nicole MansfieldVerdant Vales High SchoolClass of 1980
Heather MansheferMiddletown High School
Means MarieMiddletown High School
Megan MarinchekMiddletown High School
Geary MarksMiddletown High School
Jenna MarksMiddletown High School
George MarshallMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1973
Brendon MartinMiddletown High School
Jessica MartinMiddletown High School
Michael MartinMiddletown High School
Ronnie MartinMiddletown High School
Sarah MartinMiddletown High School
Ligia MartinezMiddletown High School
Nacy MartinisMiddletown High School
Leann MatteiMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1974
Amanda MatzMiddletown High School
Jacky MazzaMiddletown High School
Scott McafeeMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1991
Elizabeth McclureMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2003
Roger McclurgMiddletown High School
Jennifer MccombMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1995
Elizabeth McCoyMiddletown High School
Cory McdanielMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2001
Stacy McDanielMiddletown High School
Kathy McdonaldMiddletown High School
Kyle McDonaldMiddletown High School
Mary McdonaldMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1999
Danielle McdowellMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1988
Drew McDowellMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1985
James MckennonMiddletown High School
Keith McKinleyVerdant Vales High School
Shaun MclaughlinMiddletown High School
Guy McmichaelMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1993
Joseph McnaughtonMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1987
Michele McQueeneyMiddletown High School
Michelle McqueeneyMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1992
Marie MeansMiddletown High School
Nancy MedeirosMiddletown High School
Mcclellan MeganMiddletown High School
Richard MeltonMiddletown High School
Tim MeltonMiddletown High School
Samphors MenMiddletown High School
Nadine MenaMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2005
Roxie MendezMiddletown High School
Michelle MercerMiddletown High School
Samantha MillardMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2011
Amanda MillerMiddletown High School
Ashley MillerMiddletown High School
Evelyn MillerMiddletown High School
Neshia MillerMiddletown High School
Ryan MillerMiddletown High School
Scott MillerMiddletown High School
Steve MillerMiddletown High School
Jermaine MillsMiddletown High School
Megan MillsMiddletown High School
Dale MitchellMiddletown High School
Patrice MitchellMiddletown High School
Shane MitchellMiddletown High School
Monica MollandMiddletown High School
Dana MoodyMiddletown High School
Sal MorelloMiddletown High School
Carrie MorichMiddletown High School
Kevin MotleyMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1996
Justin MullenMiddletown High School
Janal MullinsMiddletown High School
Greg MuscrowMiddletown High School
Kaitlyn MuscrowMiddletown High School
Cherokee NaidooMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1990
Laura NajdMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1993
Dwight NealMiddletown High School
Marquis NealMiddletown High School
Karen NedostupMiddletown High School
Jessica NeelyMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1990
Javier NegreteMiddletown High School
Ann NelsonMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1983
Kimberly NelsonMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2007
Mike NelsonMiddletown High School
Samantha NelsonMiddletown High School
Beth NewbauerMiddletown High School
Scott NickersonVerdant Vales High School
Elaina NidaMiddletown High School
Mark NielsenMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2006
Michelle NielsonMiddletown High School
Brieana NievesMiddletown High School
Susan NobleMiddletown High School
Jerry NoveskyMiddletown High School
Pattie NowackMiddletown High School
Kathaleen NunlistMiddletown High School
Nicole ObladMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1993
Glenn OconnelMiddletown High School
Robin OkreaseMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1993
Karen OlsonMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1964
Jennifer OnealMiddletown High School
Jesse OnielMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2004
Chris OreMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1990
Kristi OrthMiddletown High School
Judith OstroMiddletown High School
Heather OverstreetMiddletown High School
Craig OwensMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1994
Jordan PalmerMiddletown High School
Jen PanningMiddletown High School
Amy ParentiMiddletown High School
Emily ParriottMiddletown High School
Jean ParriottMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2001
Karen ParriottMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1978
Emily ParrottMiddletown High School
Stephanie PatrickMiddletown High School
Eric PearlMiddletown High School
Silvia PennyMiddletown High School
Eric PerezMiddletown High School
Derrick PerryMiddletown High School
Jeff PetersVerdant Vales High School
Scott PetesonMiddletown High School
Aimee PhillipsMiddletown High School
Cara PhillipsMiddletown High School
Nicky PhillipsMiddletown High SchoolClass of 2008
Jon PilchMiddletown High School
Fred PingottiMiddletown High School
Steven PooreMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1989
Kim PorterMiddletown High School
John PowellMiddletown High School
Sara PowellMiddletown High School
Jessica PreheimMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1993
Kerri PreslerMiddletown High School
Julia PrideMiddletown High School
Kevin PriestMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1994
Julia PrydeMiddletown High School
Gina PucciniMiddletown High School
Kayla PuckettMiddletown High School
Jacob PullmanMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1996
Larissa PullmanMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1999
Chris PurdumMiddletown High School
Suzanne PurtaMiddletown High School
Bruce PyleMiddletown High School
Eileen QuinnMiddletown High School
Susan QuinnMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1990
Nikki RabuckMiddletown High School
Tina RajnertMiddletown High School
Yuridia RamalesMiddletown High School
Tom RandMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1987
Sundeap RaoMiddletown High School
Tracy RapozoMiddletown High School
Patti RaymondMiddletown High School
Christina RaynertMiddletown High School
Courtney RemsingMiddletown High School
Mark RemsingMiddletown High School
Caitlyn ReynoldsMiddletown High School
Craig ReynoldsMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1988
Mary RhodesMiddletown High School
Beth RichardsMiddletown High SchoolClass of 1995
Craig RichardsMiddletown High School
Montzlia RichardsMiddletown High School
Maryellen RichardsonMiddletown High School
Herbert RiellyMiddletown High School
Ravin RileyMiddletown High School
Robert RileyMiddletown High School
Amy RizzasMiddletown High School

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About Middletown, CA Alumni

The listing of alumni from Middletown, CA includes over 1,030 graduates from 2 schools. To filter results, select a Middletown, CA high school using the links to the right. The Middletown alumni list on this page come from a variety of sources. Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. To view alumni that graduated in Middletown around your class year, enter your graduation year in the search box at the top of the page. You may also be able to find friends close to your home town. We also have listings for graduates from Lower Lake, CA, Calistoga, CA, or Clearlake, CA.

Approximately 0 of residents in Middletown (7%) are the normal age for attending high school (15-19). Also, around 0 Middletown residents (0%) are the average age for high school seniors (18-19). Population stats are from the United States Census Bureau.